Attack The Opponent: Hawaii Warriors

The thing about this Hawaii game is that it’s a little tough to be mad about. For a rival, I just can’t find hate in my heart for those guys. Hawaii is, objectively, much better than they were in the Norm Chow era. Coach Rolovich has breathed new life in to the Warrior’s program, leading them to a 4-6 record, […]

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Boise State: Loss hurts, but all is not lost

I think most of us fans have come to terms with the fact Boise State dropped a game in Laramie this past weekend. We have made it past the denial, anger, and depression stages of grief and now accept our fate. Just to recap, here are 5 reasons I believe Wyoming was able to get their biggest win in program […]

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Has the Mountain West gotten better, or has Boise State gotten worse?

The question was raised on Twitter the other day: Is the MWC better or is Boise State worse? Well, like everything, it depends on how long the timeline is that we’re looking at. Keep in mind – we’re short on data points. I did not think it was fair to look at Pre-Boise State Mountain West, because the teams have […]

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Attack The Opponent: San Jose State Spartans

The Broncos are not a perfect team. We’ve known it for weeks. Did they have enough magic to win close for 12 games? Nope, sure didn’t. We learned that for sure as the ball bounced out of the back of the end zone at Wyoming for a freaking safety. So, no undefeated, season. How can we be expected to go […]

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Bet on Blue: Boise State vs The Wyoming Cowboys.

Boise State

Game Week: The Mountain West Conference’s Bohl-Bowl Edition.  After defeating BYU in the most over-hyped rivalry game in college football (can’t stop, won’t stop), Boise State heads to Laramie, Wyoming to face off against the most over-hyped team in college football.  Boise State heads into the contest at 7-0 and ranked #13 in the country, but many media talking heads […]

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Attack The Opponent: Wyoming Cowboys

Jason Bean, Reno Gazette-Journal

Craig Bohl has his Wyoming Cowboys doing some very nice things on the football field. Statistically, they’re fantastic as well. They have the second most prolific rusher in the country in Brian Hill, who went the F OFF vs. Nevada last Saturday. The Pokes are only allowing 139 yards on the ground on average per game, and has a very […]

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Want to see the “best” (worst) of BYU twitter? Look no further

So in my short time of having a twitter it is increasingly apparent you can really see the worst side of a fan base there. Here are some highlights that are bound to get your blood boiling before this upcoming matchup against BYU (yes I consider it a rivalry). So yes, I don’t believe this is the opinion of the […]

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