Ask A Psychic: More Ole Miss Predictions

A few months ago, my friend Danny (@unstoppabull360 on Twitter) informed me that he is psychic. Since I’m an open-minded kind of chick, I let him read my palm and he’s got it pretty spot on so far. However, he is a Vandal sympathizer so… you choose your level of belief.

Anyway, even though he is more of a console gamer than a hardcore football guy, he does seem to have a passing interest so I asked him a few questions about our upcoming contest with Ole Miss.

Let’s cut right to the chase. Who is going to win? Boise State or Ole Miss?

Lets clarify a few things first: Boise is not a state. (Ed note: /me rolls eyes) I’m pretty sure you have to have something to offer the world other than blue grass (stick that in your craw Kentucky). And if you don’t believe me ask Rhode Island. Although an entire state vs an old miss does seem a bit one-sided. Nevertheless! Here is my prediction: Ole Miss


If Boise loses, how will the fan base react?

The fan base will react the way any fan base would react: still sitting on the floor of your linoleum based kitchen. Honestly, fans are handy but very uneventful. Really, The fans will not let the first loss get to them and will be as spirited as ever.


If Ole Miss loses, will they lose the next week as well?

Hell if they miss once, they’ll miss again. Why would you even put that in your name? Boise State victims rarely learn from their mistakes: Ole Miss will lose their second game if they lose the first.


Will Boise end up in the top 25 next week with a win?

Top 25 what? Teams who are abusive to the elderly? Schools with the highest number of geology majors? No they will not.


Orange chrome helmets. Lucky or no?

Obviously not! That guy is getting shot at! If I was wearing a big orange bulls-eye on my head I wouldn’t call that lucky, I’d call that suicidal! No luck from the helmet, sorry.


Bonus Vandal Question – Idaho is expected to lose by 35 to Florida on Saturday. Will this loss be only kinda demoralizing or completely destroy the Vandal’s season?

Of course, no response on that one. Typical.


I’m pretty sure my good friend Danny is almost completely wrong with his predictions, but with as close as this game seems like it will be he’s got as much of a shot of getting it right as any of us. Only time will tell…and that game is coming on fast. Go Broncos! #ATF!

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