Attack the Opponent – Colorado State Rams

The Mountain West conference had a rough few days, opening with a .500 win percentage after the first weekend of play. However, the only team that played a power 5 opponent and won was Colorado State, against in-state rival Colorado. The Buffs aren’t exactly the top of the Pac – they haven’t had a winning season since 2005. The Rams fans seem to be jacked up on this win – using it as additional proof that the Broncos are going to be taken down this week.

Now, the Rams do have some things working in their favor. Their D held the Buffs to 134 yards rushing, but weren’t as successful against the pass, allowing 241 yards. On the offensive side, Dee Hart (transfer from Bama) and Treyous Jarrells combined for 260 yards on the ground, strengthening what was already a decent Mountain West ground attack in 2013. They also have the first win out of the way, and against their instate rivals. The only issue is that those rivals just aren’t a very good team, Pac affiliation or no.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 10.57.24 AM You know it’s true, Ram Boy. No sad face!

One thing the Broncos had going for them the other night in Atlanta was defense. Now, Ole Miss wasn’t performing spectacularly. Bo Wallace was getting picked off like his passes were dandelions in a T-Ball outfield. I just find it doubtful that CSU can come up with another nearly 400 yard game on Boise State like happened last season. On the ground, I do think that the Rams are going to get their yards. Boise’s DL looked fairly strong against Ole Miss, but CSU does have strength in that RB stable.  However, if Boise’s linemen can get enough disruption in an SEC backfield to cause 3 interceptions and 3 sacks, what on earth is CSU, a team that gave up a sack and an int to Colorado of all teams going to do? This could be the best kind of way for the Broncos to open their home slate – with a spectacular defensive show.

????????????????????????????????????????? Dr. Bo and Dr. Nick…both Ole Miss Alumni?

There are some things that are going to have to be done on the offensive side for Boise State that aren’t really opponent specific. Being able to finish drives and get in the end zone is of utmost importance right now. If the Broncos don’t figure out how to make that happen, it’s going to be a very long season. Grant Hedrick has to be better at reading the field and making good choices, or Shane Williams-Rhodes is going to end up without a head at some point. Do we have WR’s other than Williams-Rhodes and Matt Miller? There are many questions to be answered in the coming weeks.

Let’s start with answering some against CSU. Grant WENT OFF during this game last year for 5 TD’s, and it appears that the Rams are still working with a weakened pass D. If that is the case and Grant doesn’t go all Zabransky Head Case on us after the loss to Ole Miss, the Rams could be in real trouble. This game will be a fight, no doubt. We’re not going back in time to the days when we whipped everybody in the MWC by 40. CSU has a strong run attack, a pretty good run D, and the kind of confidence that beating up your big brother can bring.


CSU/CU game highlights, as performed by goats.

Is that going to be enough to win in Boise, late on a Saturday night? Doubtful. Boise is still the cream of the MWC, despite a few message boards and media outlets crying that it’s all doom and gloom. The Rams are going to have to come up with some big offense that I just don’t think they have. As long as Boise’s offense actually executes the flashes it showed last week, it will confound MWC defenses far and wide.

Come get some, Rams. We need a cupcake to snack on, but it looks like we’re having lamb chops instead.lamb chop

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