BTN Predictions – Week 2: Colorado State Rams


Another season opener, another game that leaves Boise State fans feeling blue, and not in a good way. Some have found optimism from certain parts of the 13-35 loss to Ole Miss, others are projecting all sorts of doom instead. Here are the BTN staff predictions for this week, leave a comment yourself in the comments section at the bottom of this post.


Last week I predicted the Broncos would lose 14-33. Although many things surprised me about the Ole Miss game, like Hedrick being nothing short of terrible for example, my expectations for the game were pretty close to reality. This week a very confident Colorado State Rams team comes to town looking to earn a program-changing win at Albertsons Stadium. The Ram’s running game was very impressive this weekend, albeit vs. Colorado. Grayson looked like the 3rd-down converting genius he was vs. BSU last fall again. After Week 1, momentum is clearly with the Rams….and I don’t care. Negativity is running rampant through #BroncoNation right now, we need to believe in this group. I think much like last season, the Broncos come out looking to make a statement of their own after being embarrassed. Give me Boise State 37-24 in Harsin’s home opener.


If there was a team to be impressed by in the first week of Mountain West football then it would be CSU. However the issue with that is they still only beat Colorado. Now, I missed the first half of this game, so my bias is only to CSU’s best. But I was really impressed with CSU and their running game. They had worn out the Buffs and were getting great push in the 3rd and 4th quarter on the O-line. That being said I think BSU is coming into this game with a ton of emotion. If you don’t think Harsin, Yates, and Sanford are going to have these guys amped up in their return home, well then, you are nuts. I expect Boise State to jump on CSU early something like 17-0. After some time CSU will move the ball on the ground, but it will not be enough. Boise State wins this game 45-28.


I was pretty far off last week. That being said, we’re about ATTACKING THE FUTURE now so I will do better on this week’s prediction. I’m wary of Colorado State for one reason – their running game. They pounded the rock, or RAM-med it, against Colorado pretty easily. My worries will be for naught as I’m sure the Bronco defense will step up to the challenge. Hopefully, their run game is as bad as my pun game.

As for the offense, I think Jay will get 20-25 touches but expect more balls to go to the other wide receivers (i.e., not SWR or Matt) and tight ends in the passing game.  The concerns with Hedrick should be wiped away with quick passes and maybe a smidge more read-option.

Again, these are more hopes than anything.  My prediction for the game – Boise State 38, Colorado State 24.


The Rams had a punishing running game last week, but I still think their pass defense is suspect. They might have been okay looking in the pass game but realistically, it was Colorado, not exactly an amazing team. Who knows if Boise’s offense is a mirage or not, but it felt pretty good there for a few vs. Ole Miss. If Boise State can get more than 4 people (Hedrick, Ajayi, Williams-Rhodes, Miller) involved this week and get some rhythm against a D that isn’t even CLOSE to what we saw in Georgia, this game is going to be a very good one. The Bronco’s defense also appeared to be pretty good for 3 quarters last week, and I’m pretty sure that CSU doesn’t have as fast of a step as the Rebels. I expect a showdown on The Blue, but I do think with the wildcards of an excited team ready to protect their house and a loud, raucous Bronco Nation, CSU isn’t escaping with a win here. This game is likely going to be key in the race of the Mtn. Division, and Boise gets back to their Attacking The Future ways with a win. 42-31 Broncos.


Colorado State came out of week one as the Mountain West and whatever-you-want-to-call-not-being-part-of-the-privileged-five darling (and favorite).  Our Broncos on the other had came out of week one  being cast off by the national media, as well as other fan bases.  It’s over.  The end of an era.  Harsin could not bring back what the last coach created.

Well, it was one game.

One game for us.  One game for Colorado State.

We played what may very well be one of the top teams in the best conference in football.  CSU played Colorado.

So what do we take from it?  Hard to say.  My best guess is that these two teams go into this match-up pretty even and it could be any ones game.  However this game is on The Blue.  It seems like The Blue has lost some of its “swagger” lately – like playing Boise State at home is not an automatic loss anymore, but opposing teams should still be scared.  Despite our five losses last year it is important to remember that we never lost at home.  And it’s not going to happen now.  Teams need to be scared of The Blue – respect The Blue.  It is a privilege to play here and I think our team is ready to prove it.

A lot of people see this as a close game.  Like I said these two teams could be evenly matched.  But don’t underestimate the power of playing on The Blue, and the motivation it will bring to our team to make up for last week’s loss.  It is going to get ugly for Colorado State.  Boise State 52, CSU 17.

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