Ask a Psychic – Predictions for the CSU game

Last week, our own personal psychic friend called the results of the opening game with some unsettling accuracy, so we decided to give it another go. Can he go 2-0?

Your illustrious psychic Danny Romero here to give you my predictions for the upcoming BSU vs CSU game. I apologize for not answering the bonus question last week, it was beneath me and you for questioning the Vandals. Now on with the predictions:

1) Will Boise State’s offense be effective on Saturday?
My prediction is they will all make it to the game on Saturday: on time and in uniform!
Yes, they will be effective and efficient as well.

2) Who has the bigger game – Colorado State’s RB Dee Hart, or Boise State’s RB Jay Ajayi?
I loved Dee Hart back in the 90s! Groove is in the Heart is one of my favorite songs. As for Jayajayajayas…….. Is that his name or are we under attack? Sounds like a second grader stuck at the spelling bee.
Jay Ajayi but its close.

3) Will this game have bearing on who wins the Mountain West’s Mountain Division?
Is this a hillbilly thing? I havent heard that many mountains at once since Dolly Parton got out of the shower. (Ed. note: C’mon, man. I’ll be rolling my eyes at you on Monday.)
No this game will not have any bearing on who wins the division.

4) Which is better: Churros or Ice Cream Potatoes?
Whats the contest here? Are we talking street fight? 100m dash? Id love to give the potatoes more credit since they share the same initials as the Insane Clown Posse but I don’t think they could stand up to the Churro.

5) Who wins? Boise State or Colorado State?
This question I will not joke about. I have actually been meditating on this for a few days since I charged my crystals.
Boise State.

Bonus Vandal Question: Will the Vandals remain undefeated against Acts of God again this weekend?
The Vandals are performing considerably well but I have not looked into their future, I kinda do what everyone else does and stick behind the team. Nevertheless: I say they will stay undefeated.

Think he’s wrong? Think he’s right? Tell him about it. @Unstoppabull360 on twitter and check out his gaming channel:

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