This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 2 (I “Blue Out” Everything Today)

Good morning everyone. Happy Home Opener, Bronco Nation! Believe me, Mrs. Diggity and I wish we could be at Albertson’s Bronco Stadium but that drive from Oregon is a killer! We’ll be Blue’d Out from here though and be watching. Now why don’t we get this ride started (It was started previous to the Kickoff Game)?

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I’m super-excited for this football game. Working on game analysis doesn’t hinder my excitement a bit. Now if I could figure how to put the data together….Are people so dumb that they can’t tell a Buick by the way it looks? How about the emblem that is pretty much famous? No? please don’t buy a car and drive….That was a bit disappointing. I’m proud of the defense, I’m upset with the offensive line, and I’m almost as confused Grant Hedrick looked as to what Grant Hedrick was doing. Time for adjustments. Or is that too simple?….

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Mrs. Diggity is now into the final season of True Blood. Yay! And, yes, I watch it along with her because it’s on….The sun came up regardless of what happened in Atlanta. I’m not sure the Broncos will want to see the practice field due to the mistakes they made. At least, they didn’t have as many stupid penalties as Ole Miss had….Carl’s Jr. has bacon ranch fries currently. Lots of bacon on them. Warm ranch isn’t all that great. But, did I mention there was bacon?….I’m disappointed in the pessimism that some of our fan base is showing right now. One game does not a season make. If you expected a National Championship in Coach Harsin’s first season, move to Tuscaloosa….Bronco Legend Kellen Moore will be a Detroit Lion again this year. I doubt he’ll see the field unless something catastrophic happens. It’s likely the Lions decided they needed someone to help Jim Caldwell coach the team….So much college football on this first weekend. I need to set up like, I don’t know, 8 TVs and 2 computers to keep track of it….Can Kid Rock never make an “American Anthem” and then sell it to Chevy ever again, please?….After a touchdown play, I wonder if any players go to the coaches and congratulate them on their fine play calling….Yesterday, I did 14 hours of college football so I’m feeling some definite withdrawals today. Next Sunday, the NFL is back and that should help some….The SEC has front loaded their schedule with schools like Lamar and the Central Mississippi College of Optometry for their 2nd week. Don’t stress over that schedule yet….The Boise Hawks are apparently run by someone who has some leftover need for high school drama. They’ve been a great team over the years.  Don’t alienate the Boise State fan base because you’re frustrated….We watched a show on The Travel Channel about a 168 foot high water slide at a water park. Yeah, not in a million years. I’m not even sure about roller coasters anymore….Twenty-two members of a family brought a 23rd member of their family to Oregon’s opening game this week. They all carried him in around their necks. Little vials of his ashes. It’s an amazing, and kind of creepy, gesture….I was just taking a look back at my predictions from last week.  I was right on a couple of things (defensive back aggressiveness, heavy dose of Jay) and wrong on a few (outcome, SWR breaks a long TD, Miller catches 8 passes).  Hopefully, my predictions improve with the team….Please don’t compare Brad Kaaya & Grant Hedrick right now. I’m of the opinion that Brad would be sitting in Boise. He got some luck being the Hurricanes starter….So now Colorado State is the favorite in the Mountain Division? Good to know a win against a PAC 12 bottom feeder will get you so much respect. When do the Broncos play Wazzu next? (sorry, Jay)…Our apartment backs up to a street so people walk by all of the time. I just heard a whistle so I expected a dog. Nope! It was a woman calling her toddler. Gotta love those parenting skills. I guess I’d be horrible at it because I don’t whistle so well….Unless you have proof that someone is a bad fan, you should never accuse that person of being a bad fan. How do you know that circumstances prevent their fandom from being as awesome as yours?….Hey! One out of every four drivers in Oregon! I know my tail light is out. You’re very kind to let me know but I’ll fix it when I can. You don’t need to freak out like I’m dragging a dog….And speaking of Oregon drivers. If you have an “O” sticker, you must know that your football team runs a hurry-up offense. You shouldn’t be 5-10 miles under the speed limit. There’s no hurry-up in that….I just want to get this out there – if I had the reaction to, let’s say, Scarlett Johannsen, as Mrs. Diggity had to Adam Levine, she would straight flip her lid….The Vandals and Gators declared their lightning-delayed game a “no-contest” (insert your own jokes here).  The University of Idaho still got the $975k payout. Pretty good deal. They’ll play again in 2017. It’s ok for the Vandals to start praying for another non-lethal natural disaster now though….Let’s get the hashtag #HamPlanet trending as soon as possible….I’m glad he’s ok but why in the heck is Bob Knight hitting a cow news at all. What person said “Oh yeah. Run that at the bottom of the screen all night.”?….The Seahawks looked really good against the Packers in the first REAL NFL game of the season. Or were the Packers that bad? Either way, unless you are a Seattle fan, it wasn’t very compelling after halftime….Today will be a Eugene-record 32nd day in the 90s. It’s our first summer here.We bring the heat wherever we go….

funny gifs

I though about what the song of the week should be and I think the first line of this song pretty much sums up what I’ve been saying all week. We haven’t gone anywhere. Enjoy the game, have a great week, and GO BRONCOS!

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