3 Things – 1 Question: Boise State vs. Colorado State


3 Things – 1 Question

1.) He needs a nickname!

It seems like we live in a world now where everybody has a nickname. We had the muscle hamster, “Johnny Football” and we also  have “swerve” etc… But what about Jay Ajayi? To me, when he runs, he reminds me of Marshawn Lynch, never taken down on the first hit, he is just a flat-out beast. Problem is, “Beast Mode” is taken, so last season on our Twitter, I asked about starting “Blue Beast”. Get it, cause you know “The Blue”, etc… Ok so yes, some of you might find it cheesy, but until I hear something better Jay Ajayi will be known as “Blue Beast”. It is the least he gets after the insane start to the season he has had.

2.) Students, is that really you?

It is easy to bash our student section, especially after the last couple seasons. However, I thought our student section showed up really well against Colorado State. The section was packed topped to bottom and was very active. Yes, they left around the 4th quarter, but to be fair, so did the rest of the stadium. I really enjoyed some new things they are trying to get done this season. At first, the “Jaws Theme” at kickoffs at least to me, was sort of blah. But, after I saw the student section locking arms and creating a wave-like motion I changed my mind. We don’t have a ton that is our own, maybe this can become one of them?

(Above you can see my cellphone video of the students locking arms and swaying back and forth. The video is not great and I apologize for the screeching noise at the start.)

3.) Mixed Reactions

c9X6nAfter the game, people reacted a couple of ways, some were pleased, others were shocked at the ending. I myself expected a tough game, but not another 4th quarter collapse, but still I was pretty happy. I guess I would be the guy in the .gif in this instance. This team is still learning, and ultimately I think has shown tons of potential. Our defense for 6 out of 8 quarters has looked incredible. Our offense has shown signs of being very, very good. If Boise State can put it together for entire games the rest of the season, the MWC is going to be in big trouble.

1 Question

boyraisinghandMy question this week revolves around the new awesome video board we have. What is the point of having this awesome, HD, super screen, if I can’t see the replays? Why is that I have to pull my phone out and load a vine of a guy recording the game on his TV, from his phone, to see what happened to Hedrick? In this specific instance, I am sure it is to make sure the fans don’t go all crazy and get riled up. But it was more than that, multiple penalties, and plays went unseen. Now, I get you have to fit in your insane, yet impressive amount of ads each game. But it seems as though the fans are missing a lot of the game this way. So, Boise State why is that? Why is it that fans in the stands don’t get to see what the rest of the world does? This just seems like a huge missed chance for the fan who paid to go to Albertsons Stadium.

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