This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 3 (I’m not fat. I’m just a bit “Husky”!)

Usually, I like to add TWatD on the morning of the game. I realized that I would have to get up a bit too early on a Saturday to do that so I’m gonna give you what you want today. Please keep all the praise and pats on the back until after you read it though. And remember, I usually start the next column right away so some things may overlap. It’s okay though. There’s no such thing as TOO MUCH Broncos. There is such thing as too much of this:

That was done on purpose. UConn put it out as “Get Noisy for Boise”. Oddly enough, I couldn’t find one with sound.  Anyways, have a great week! Here we go.

Gameday – It’s a Blue Out tonight. I know there’s always someone who doesn’t get the memo but hopefully it translates to TV….With over 50k at Autzen, this town should be empty by about 1/3. And, as Mrs. Diggity reminded me, the rest should be panhandling or at WalMart….The new season of The Ultimate Fighter is a competition of 16 women & uses the “Love At First Fight” tag line. I wonder what would happen if that were used for a men’s competition? If they’re gonna fight, don’t minimize it with that kind of stuff, Fox….So, College Gameday is going to Fargo, North Dakota again. Boise State had two undefeated seasons and two Fiesta Bowl wins and could only shake one visit out of ESPN. How much money has BSU made for that company?….Alrighty, that’s a win folks. I can’t imagine that Jay Ajayi will be able to handle this kind of workload for the rest of the season. Or maybe he will. But maybe there’s something that we don’t know about Demas & Fields and that scares me big time….To the attendance/bad fan theorists, 34,910 for the home opener coming off a loss & a “bad” season isn’t horrible. I don’t think we’re at the Nebraska/LSU consecutive sellout streak level but have you ever been to Lincoln or Baton Rouge? Ok, I’ve been to Red Stick. It’s not a bad town….I wasn’t too bad with my prediction this week. Grant performed better. The ball went to a few more players. Jay got way more touches than I predicted though. At least I was close on the score (I predicted 38-24)….We decided to watch “Utopia” on Fox. It may turn out to be one of those train wreck shows that we can’t stop watching. Like Fresno State football this year….

Since it’s on everyone’s mind, I’m not sure anyone expected such a grandiose Tony Romo implosion in the first half of Sundays game against the 49ers. He gave us the best non-playoff Romo-ing ever….I’m not surprised about the Ravens releasing Ray Rice after the “REAL” video. I’m horrified that he ever had a chance to play for them again. He has demons that a 2-game suspension couldn’t fix….I started a new job today (Monday). So what does that mean? No Monday Night Football for the next 5 weeks because my schedule is 1:30 PM – 10:00 PM for training. I do get horrible training videos and paperwork today though….I just realized that this week’s game against UConn starts at 9 AM for me. I will have had my Bronco fix by early afternoon. What will I do with the rest of my day?….One of my favorite new shows is “Food Fighters”. It pits a home cook against 5 successive professional chefs. I couldn’t do it. I don’t have 5 great dishes that I could go to….I was talking to a Oregon Ducks fan and he said he still didn’t know how the Broncos won in 2008 & 2009. I told him, “Two words. KELLEN MOORE.”. His response? “Kellen Moore is overrated.” I then ended all football discussions with him. He obviously wasn’t knowledgeable on the subject….I try not to be ultra-serious in this “column” but I’d be doing The BTN a disservice if I didn’t mention the passing of the 13th anniversary of the Attacks on September 11, 2001. I will never forget the feeling I had that day and I hope I don’t, or you don’t either, ever have to feel that again. Thank you to anyone that has ever, or continues to, put their lives on the line to make everyone else feel safe….The BYU/Houston game was tough to watch in my opinion. It seemed that the Provo-based Cougars had no motivation or desire to put the Houston-based Cougars away. We know they can be better than that. I suggest that they’re holding back on purpose. Seems like that would be against any “Honor Code” though. Sandbaggers!

So there it is. Another fun-filled ride through Mrs. Diggity & I’s mischievous minds while we’re waiting, watching, and waiting again for Bronco Football.  Imagine the stuff I don’t write.  For the song of the week, I wanted to make it “Canine-Related”. I hope you all wake up on time tomorrow. Happy Friday!

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