Ask a Psychic – Predictions for the UConn game

Not what Unstoppabull really looks like – I think
Good day again everyone visiting, it is I Unstoppabull again bringing you my predictions for the upcoming BSU vs UCONN game. Now normally I have had to sit and meditate on the answers to these questions, but I’ve been getting strong energies early. So I’m going with my first sights. And here they are:
1. Boise State is set to have a monster game. Will the early game and time zone differences effect their performance?
Hey if you want to be that guy who goes on vacation in Japan looking for a Krispy Kreme at 3am, be my guest. It may be rude but it’s not hurting anyone.
>neither will affect their performance.
2. Will Boise’s offense gain over 700 yards on Saturday?
Sure, if they walk to the stadium.
>no, they will not.
3. Will Boise’s defense hold the Huskies under 100 yards rushing?
Who let the dogs out? BOISE BOISE BOISE!
>No, they will not.
4. The Broncos have had a string of injuries on defense. Will that trend continue this week or will everyone stay healthy?
After last weeks game, if pride could be worn as armor then BSU will be knights!
>no injuries on the defense.
5. Who wins? Boise State or UConn?
The all important question. I look forward to this every week. Coke or Pepsi? Big Mac or the Whopper? Go to work or call off sick? Ok maybe that’s just me.
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