Attack The Opponent: Air Force Academy Falcons

Air Force is Air Force, same as they ever were or ever shall be. This team of brave young men in Colorado is hosting Boise State for the first time in the history of the matchup. Saturday’s game has to be the epitome of a business trip for the Broncos, or else it could turn into an injury-ridden trap game. The boys in Blue have to be sharp to defend the triple option successfully, especially with the MWC’s second leading rusher calling Falcon Stadium home. Injuries have taken a toll on AFA’s offensive line, so Boise State has a real shot to shut down the run game and force Air Force to rely heavily on their passing game.

AFA’s QB, Kale Pearson is putting up some nice numbers so far this season, but this game is a barometer game for the cadets because their SOS isn’t exactly spectacular. Playing Wyoming closely but ultimately losing, then beating Georgia State and Nicholls State isn’t brag-worthy. Pretty sure Coach Yates will have the defense as ready to go as he can and we’re just going to have to hope we don’t end up in a battle against both the Falcons and injuries.

afamascotThis guy makes me nervous enough. Never seen a raptor with that level of swole before.

Air Force’s defense has also been stingy against their opponents, holding both Nicholls and Wyoming under 20 points. They have been successful holding on 3rd down, and their run defense has been far superior to their pass defense. This means a big night for Grant, and probably for Jay as well, because well, AFA hasn’t seen anything like him and probably won’t again. Pay attention, Colorado Springs. There will be greatness in your midst.



Playing a service academy always comes with mixed feelings for me. They’re an opponent so its natural to want to hate a little, but it’s difficult because America. On Saturday, we’ll see lots of patriotism, scores of clean cut looking young men and women cheering on their brothers on the football field. The AFA team will play with guts and heart and Boise State fans will feel lucky to have seen the spectacle and escape with the inevitable win. However, scratching the surface a little turns up issues that makes you wonder if athletics have any place in what amounts to a military officer training center. For example, the scandal earlier this year with players on the football team sexually assaulting women after dosing them with date rape drugs at a party. Or maybe that the Air Force Academy runs a prep school which is basically a publicly funded high school to churn out athletes who couldn’t normally meet the Academy’s admission requirements. The playing the Falcons package comes complete with politics, patriotism, gratefulness for these young men’s sacrifice, all tied up with an awkward looking, dirty pink bow over wrapping paper made of taxpayer dollars.

Boise State’s job this week is taking them to Colorado Springs, their objective is to make it home whole. Air Force is a tough team in real life, and is putting up some unreal numbers on paper. However, Boise State is coming together too well to take a loss this week. The question is going to be whether Boise State is also going to be able to stay healthy at the same time. We’ll find out at 5 PM on Saturday!

I’m sure the guys are doing a better job of focusing than I am, because all I want to see is Air Force taken care of successfully because RENO AWAITS.


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