3 Things – 1 Question Ragin Cajuns


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1.) Devan Demas, that man is fast.

I couldn’t help but watch Demas break off that long run and think to myself, that guys is fast. Boise State has always had underrated speed, and Demas is another example. I remember awhile back a former BSU player tweeting out that every time they faced Oregon, Virgina Tech, Georgia, etc… They walked into that game feeling they were the fastest team on the field. Watching Demas and the guys this year I am getting that feeling again. Boise State has speed all over the field, and it could be our difference maker this season.

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2.) Grant Hedrick is getting better…Or is he?

My gut reaction is like everyone else I think, that is Grant is getting better. But then I think of last season, and I think wait isn’t this familiar? No doubt Grant threw his best pass of his BSU career on the deep ball to Miller vs ULL. I just get concerned that Grant is a big time player against small time competition. Last season Grant never struggled against mid to lower-level competition, it is when he faces the BYU’s of the world that he falls off the cliff. I want to say Grant is getting better, and he is now in position to have a monster year. But my better judgement is telling me to wait and see if Grant can win a couple big games this season first.

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3.) Bryan Harsin is my kind of coach.

The more time goes on, the more I believe Harsin is and was the right guy for the job. They say players take on the personality of their coach. Well, Harsin is one of the most intense/emotional coaches I can remember at Boise State. I love the fact he is willing to show emotion to his players, the referees, and the fans. It gives us something new and different from the stoic Petersen era. Harsin is an intense guy, and his players have started to show that emotion on the field. It is that intensity we lacked last year that I am glad to see back. Harsin is a blue through and through, and he is not afraid to show his passion come game time. I personally have really enjoyed that change of pace. Looking back, it was just the right time for everything to happen that happened.

1 Question – Did the team get lost?

cookie_monster_waitingI really have a couple of questions here, first is what took the team so long to enter the stadium? It appeared for a minute that the Broncos had chosen to skip the game as “Seven Nation’s Army” continued to repeat as we all waited for the Broncos to enter.  It seemed as though somebody messed up, either they started pregame festivities too early, or somebody had to go to the bathroom before the team entered. Whatever it was, it was really odd as I tried to explain to my father’s Japanese guest’s that this normally doesn’t take this long. My second question also is pointed at the entrance, and that is, why do we have so many people by the tunnel? Few things kill an emotional team entrance like the players trying to dodge children and over zealous photographers. I get trying  to get the community involved, but it seems as though there is a better time and place. The entrance in college football can set the tone of the crowd. Why risk killing the vibe with the team being smothered by fans coming out of the tunnel?

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