Embrace The Past – Zabransky vs Hedrick

Z vs HedrickMiddle of the week of the Air Force game, I figure why not have some fun? After all, I have seen some comparisons of Grant Hedrick to Jared Zabransky, so the timing feels right. The question is ultimately for the fans and readers of Blue Turf Nation. Who would you rather have at QB? Would you take Jared Zabrasnky? or Grant Hedrick?

To help you choose, here are some quick stats and rundowns.

Jared Zabransky (click for entire stat line)

Big Wins: Oklahoma, Oregon State x 2, Utah, & BYU.

Big Loses: Georgia, Boston College, Louisville.

Career Highlights: 85 yard TD run vs Hawaii, went 19-29 for 269 yards & 3 TD’s vs Oklahoma in the greatest game ever played, including the throw on the hook & lateral/ladder.

Career lowlights: See 2005, specifically the game vs Georgia (4 int’s, 2 fumbles).

Grant Hedrick (click for entire stat line)

Big Wins: Colorado State & Nevada.

Big Loses: BYU, Oregon State, Ole Miss.

Career Highlights: Filling in for Joe Southwick against Fresno Hedrick steps in and throws a beautiful TD. Perfect, 57 yard TD pass to Matt Miller against Louisiana-Lafayette. 5 TD performance vs Colorado State in 2013.

Career Lowlights: 5 touchdowns to 7 interceptions against BYU, Ole Miss, San Diego State, and Oregon State. with 4 of those interceptions coming against Ole Miss.

So Bronco Nation, as of right now, who do you take? Who would you build your team around? Jared Zabransky, or Grant Hedrick?

Bleed Blue, Embrace the Past, Attack the Future.

2 thoughts on “Embrace The Past – Zabransky vs Hedrick

  1. It’s kind of hard to tell until Grant’s career is over, but if it were not for one miracle play Z would be known for ending every season he started with an interception to lose the game, as well as the meltdown against Georgia. Luckily, he, Drisan, and Rabb made that play and Z will forever be immortalized in Boise State lore. It is close, however I am going with Grant. I think big things still lie ahead for him this season. We will see.

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