BTN Predictions Week – 5: At Air Force

Heath – I have sat here on my computer every week feeling comfortable about the game. Even against Ole Miss, I was comfortable knowing any outcome was possible. Before Air Force, I sit here with a feeling of confusion. This week has gone by and fans and media have basically enjoyed a nice vacation. Air Force just does not evoke emotion and predictions like other games. For me, I think this game will be a blowout, I am going 42-13. My better judgement says the score should be closer, like 33-21. But I am going to keep predicting we score over 40 points until it happens. This team has what it takes to be an offensive juggernaut, question just remains can they reach that potential?

Noel – It’s that time again.  You know, when the Broncos face the dreaded triple-option of Air Force.  It’s one of the games that I have a love/hate relationship with. It’s tough to prep for with only one week and it could be a trap game no matter what our record is. I was at the Air Force game last year and it was frustrating to watch.  That could have been a mix of the offensive funk the team seemed to be in and the complexity of defending the option though.  I am not as worried this year.  I feel like we have a decent linebacker corps this year and that makes a big difference.  Jay goes for 150, Grant throws for 250, and Demas gets close to 100 too.  Broncos win, 41-21.

Tami – Playing Air Force is nerve-wracking normally, let alone at a place BSU has never played before. The weather forecasts look clear and warm, the Broncos are probably as ready as they’re going to be for the option attack that is coming their way, and it feels like the offense is doing good things more consistently. AFA so far has played Wyoming as their only conference opponent, and managed to lose. Wyoming hasn’t put more than 20 points on anybody so far this season. I think Boise’s defense is going to shut down the Falcon RB with the most yards in the conference so far, and the Jay Train is going to show the flyboys exactly what shock and awe looks like. I think the Broncos beat both the Falcons and the spread (+13) this week, final score 38-14.

Derek – I am really not sure what to expect in this one. I am not too worried about our Defense stopping Air Force as It seems like Marcel Yates really wants to show what he can do against the triple-option.  The offense appears to be getting better every week and is getting close to putting it all together. There are two things that do concern me with this match-up:  playing in a new, unique environment, and the fact that going back to last year we rally have not performed well on the road.  I think our defense dominates again, but our offense takes a step a back on the road in a strange environment.  I am going Boise State 27-13

Gage – From the simple fact that Air Force is very good at running the ball and BSU is equally good at stopping the run, there’s intrigue. If the Broncos defense can perform at a high level and continue to tackle sufficiently, I see us running away with it. I especially would expect a blow out if the Broncos are able to start fast. Air Force is not known for their prolific passing attack, therefore if the Broncos are able to manufacture quick points and put Air Force in early deficit the final score will be in the Broncos favor. Triple-option playbooks are tricky and highly deceptive though, so don’t be shocked if this is closer than some expect. Broncos 45 – Air Force 20

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