Ask a Psychic: UNR Edition

Oh, Danny. I hope you’re wrong too.
Id like to start off by saying that my record this season for predicting the winners is 4-1. Now on to the questions:
1.) Which QB will finish the game for Boise – Grant Hedrick or Ryan Finley?
Ryan Finley, Grant is feeling tired as of late. I know there is something weighing heavily on his mind.
2.) Will Nevada’s defense be able to stop Jay Ajayi?
No, but that’s not to say that he will score many points. He will have a decent game, but as you see by my next answer, it wont be enough.
3.) Who wins – Boise or Nevada?
Nevada 35-17, Good job Nevada you get another hate week next year.
I would throw in some comedy here but it’s almost 4am. Yes, it has taken an exceptionally long time to meditate on these answers. This is one of those instances though where I hope im wrong. Should be an interesting game.

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