This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 6 (Hate is a Strong Word but….)

Here we go! It’s HATE WEEK at the Diggity’s. There are tons of reasons to hate Nevada. Let’s see – Reno, Kaepernick, short goal posts, did I mention Reno? Oh and this guy (I put the “NICE” one up).…

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Enjoy HATE WEEK everyone! I predicted a win today. Let’s hope I’m not wrong.

Credit - Boise State
Credit – Boise State

There is an update on the Albertson’s “situation”. I was contacted by their Director of Northwest Division Marketing. They spoke to all the Eugene stores and anyone wearing ANY teams’ jersey will get the 10% discount. He also apologized and offered a $25 gift card.  So…WINNING!…Congrats to Chelsea Clinton, her husband (whatever his name is), and the grandparents on both sides (whatever their names are) on the birth of Charlotte Clinton-Mezvinsky. But did the kid need a hyphenated name? Like we don’t know it’s the child of a Clinton? US Weekly, People, et al. will remind us constantly….For the record, I only HATE Coach Pete when he takes recruits from the Broncos. And I will if they end up playing in 2015, which I fully expect….We just heard a “Dixie-Dukes of Hazard” car horn outside. Eugene just oozes awesome. /Sarcasm….This is so not the Boise State team that we’re used to seeing. Down 17-0 at halftime vs. Air Force? Just way bad….Seven turnovers will cause any team to lose. There’s no joking around about that. I’m glad that the boys fought until the end and the defense proved their moxie all night. Losing to Air Force – I hope it’s a catalyst….You may notice but I’m way off on my predictions this year. Damn me to hell!…This week’s college football view was pretty extensive. I missed Arkansas/Texas A&M for some reason. Anyways, here it is: Texas Tech/Oklahoma St., Middle Tennessee/ODU, CSU-Fresno/New Mexico, Georgia/Tennessee, Michigan St./Wyoming, TCU/SMU, WKU/Navy, Stanford/Washington, Michigan/Minnesota, Boise State/Air Force, Oregon St/USC, & San Jose St/Nevada….”Napoleon Dynamite” was on tonight. After that game, I needed some stupid laughs….The only thing that would have made this weekend worse is the Chargers losing to the Jags. They didn’t. Thank goodness….I have to say something about this. Didn’t anyone here in Eugene learn to wear light-colored clothing at night? Meth-head Frogger is tough enough in the daytime….The Mrs. and I were watching “Beat Bobby Flay” and the dish was wiener schnitzel. The challenger said “I think my schnitzel might win.” The 12-year-old in me chuckled….On a more serious note, our upstairs neighbors seemed to be having a major domestic dispute. I didn’t think I should go up there so I called 911. I don’t know if I’m a hero or a tattletale but the cops did show up….I questioned why Ole Miss had a Boise State hate week earlier this season. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have the animosity towards the Broncos as our fan base has against Nevada. Believe me, the hate flows deep for much of Bronco Nation….I’m not sure that a University of Idaho/Nevada collaboration is such a great idea. Maybe you’ve heard of it? “Dumb and Dumber To”….There’s a company here in Oregon that was reprimanded for false claims about their caffeine-infused shorts. Supposedly, they help you lose weight. What is their tag line? “The best part of waking up is Folger’s on your junk”?….So there’s this new app that is supposed to help curb sexual assault by basically asking if you are consenting. It seems like it could be a bit flawed. If you can talk someone into sex when they’re drunk, how hard is it going to be to have them tap a phone screen in the “right” spot? By the way, it’s called Good2Go. What kind of schlub asks are you “good to go” when you about to have sex?…That moment right before #2 Oregon loses at home to unranked Arizona when a sideline person dressed as a pink highlighter gives your Heisman candidate the stink eye….FullSizeRender (2)

Congrats to Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis on the birth of their daughter, Wyatt. My NEPHEW is named Wyatt. Noel may not be the most gender-specific name ever but I was pretty sure Wyatt was. Now that’s blown all to hell. Thanks Obama….Acura has stepped their game up in its new commercial. Their pimp game, that is. That music you’re hearing is “Pimpin’ All Over The World” by Ludacris. Ball out til you fall out, Acura….Wendy’s having pulled pork is a good thing like Jack in the Box having tacos is a good thing. You may as well eat it while sitting ON the toilet….Taysom Hill getting injured sucks. You want to play against the best to measure yourself. I’m not sure BSU gets that chance now….Concerning the Jack’s Links commercial where the animals are coming out of people’s shirts – those are insanely creepy….Along the same line, the creature in the GE “Ideas Are Scary” commercial is downright wrong.


I love music.  It says so many things that polite people can’t.  This song may say everything. Enjoy!

Do you know why I like doing this post every week? Honestly because I don’t have to really write anything. The world writes it for me. I just get to put my skewed point of view on it. Have a great week!  #BEATNEVADA

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