This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 9 (The Real Cougars Are At Hannah’s Downtown)

It’s BYU week here in the City of Trees and, unfortunately, people tend to make it about religion. I think that’s too easy so I stay away from it. I’d rather just make fun of their fall from grace and keep it current.  We have over a decade of this matchup to go so keeping it new from the fan side will make it more enjoyable for me. Check out the uniform combo for this week and enjoy the Diggitys:


Wow…Percy Harvin traded to the Jets for a conditional draft pick? What triggered that? There has to be some sort of back story….I feel good about Grant in this game. He’s using his head for something other than a helmet holder. 20-10 at the half….FresNOPE out scored the Broncos in the second half but tough running by Jay and defensive stops in the 4th quarter, including a Donte Deayon pick, gives the game to Boise, 37-27. GO BRONCOS!…I’m sure you know how big of a college football fan I am but I’m kind of bored with this Saturday’s games. But, to make things better, both the Sooners and Cowboys made sure we called the state “Chokelahoma”…. Here is what I watched this past week. Although it was a tough Saturday without a Bronco game, I still checked in on a lot of football: UL-Lafayette/Texas St., Pitt/Virginia Tech, Colorado School of Mines/Fort Lewis (CO), Oregon St./Utah, Boise State/CSU-Fresno, Temple/Houston, Baylor/West Virginia, Oklahoma/Kansas St., Alabama/Texas A&M, Clemson/BC, UCLA/Cal, TCU/Oklahoma State, New Mexico/Air Force, Ole Miss/Tennessee, Oregon/Washington, Florida St./Notre Dame, Colorado State/Utah State, BYU/Nevada, Hawaii/San Diego State, Arizona State/Stanford….As a fan, I’m tired of people playing the what-if game.  As in “What if the Broncos hadn’t lost to Air Force?”. It’s great to speculate about what may happen in the future but it’s torture to think about the past….This week’s bowl predictions for Boise State are out – Brett McMurphy has the Broncos playing Stanford in the Cactus Bowl and it’s the Hawaii Bowl vs. Lousiana Tech according to Mark Schlabach. Interesting….I love “The Walking Dead” and I like to see the reaction of people online. Today, a bunch of people were complaining about how many commercials were on during the episode. Hey peeps. Guess what? If there weren’t any commercials, this show would be on HBO, not AMC. Feel grateful….Congratulations to Donté Deayon on being named the Mountain West Conference Defensive Player of the Week….


The Mo’ne Davis-Chevrolet commercial is one of the best on TV. And, according to Darren Rovell from ESPN, the NCAA says that Chevy can pay her with no danger to her future eligibility. It’s cool that she can get paid but crappy that they have to worry about it at age 13….Speaking about commercials – way to go to Android for using “Party Hard” by Andrew WK. I love that song….According to people who live here in Eugene, it rains a lot during the late fall/winter time. I wouldn’t have guessed it by the way locals drive though. Atrocious!…

I’m a music fan.  I love all types so, instead of a song that has some connection to the game, I just want one that will give us some feels.  I hate waiting all day for a game so maybe this one will work:

That’s it for now. Remember, young team means mistakes. Positive thoughts for a win. GO BRONCOS and see you next week.

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