This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 10 (The Other White Meat…err Bye Week)

Oh great!  The Broncos are on another bye week.  I understand the need to get healthy so bye weeks are important. But, don’t they understand everyone’s need for some quality Harsin time? I’m kidding of course.  The defensive backfield needs some rest.  Enjoy the column, Bronco Nation!

I’m enjoying the offense and defense so far in this game.  Well, besides the long touchdown on one play.  But the play-calling is amazing and Grant is playing ultra-efficiently…I like the Mountain West Conference Championship game “Cartoon commercial”. I am not a fan of the Rap commercial.  You have hits and misses, I suppose….Halftime score is 41-16.  A 40-spot by halftime?  That’s WAC-style Boise State.  And Grant is killing it tonight with some big help from the receivers.  This gives me tons of hope for the future of this season and the next few….The Broncos only scored two touchdowns in the 2nd half. The best news is so did BYU.  The final score – 55 to 30….You know what makes me happy? #COUGARTEARS, Dominant defense, Jay Train for over a hundy,  and Hedricks’ awesome performance….Here are the games that I caught some of this week:  Arkansas St./UL-Lafayette, Cincinnati/USF, Boise State/BYU, Oregon/Cal, Texas/Kansas State, Arkansas/Alabama-Birmingham, Nebraska/Rutgers, Navy/San Jose State, Florida Atlantic/Marshall, Michigan/Michigan State, Mississippi State/Kentucky, UCLA/Colorado, Ole Miss/LSU, Alabama/Tennessee, USC/Utah, Washington/Arizona State, Ohio State/Penn State. Friday games make it tough to stay totally engaged in weekend football….Having the two brothers from Duck Dynasty pick on College Gameday is ridiculous. I trust Katy Perry’s college football knowledge more….Arkansas just had an offensive lineman throw a touchdown on a fake field goal. It worked. And it was as awkward as it sounds….The referee for the Ohio St./Penn St. game is as inept as both teams have been. I guess you get nervous in front of crowd…I was impressed with pretty much the whole episode of “Saturday Night Live” this week. Jim Carrey was his crazy self. I wasn’t into Iggy Azalea though. Not real hip hop in my eyes….This week in fantasy football, I left Jeremy Maclin and Ben Roethlisberger on the bench. Lucky for me, I will still win. I just hate when players go off and I don’t capitalize….Creepy, not-so-attractive, and super-awkward are all things that I imagine some DirecTV customers in the south are. Thanks Rob Lowe (I did work for DirecTV at one time, BTW)….I was watching SportsCenter Monday morning and all they were talking about was The NFL. You never would have guessed a World Series game was on. I get that you and the Shield have a big money deal, ESPN, but it’s time for the Fall Classic….Congratulations to Kamalei Correa for winning the Mountain West Conference Defensive Player of the Week….


Tony Romo suffered a back injury in the Monday Night game. It was so bad that Brandon Weeden was in the game to replace him.  Ginger quarterback and head coach? You’re playing with the devil right there….If the lead singer for Garbage is only “Happy When It Rains”, she should move to Eugene. I’m sure you’d be jubilant here, Shirley Manson….Sign at Royals/Giants game 6: Hunter Pence and Creepy Rob Lowe are BFFs….This is tough for me to do as a Padres fan but congrats to the San Francisco Giants on their 3rd World Series title in 5 years….The Science Channel has a thing coming up called “Space Week”. I’m sorry but I can’t watch any other week but “Shark Week”….Mrs. Diggity says our Halloween costume is a out-of-shape middle-aged couple. We don’t even need to dress up. Take a look:


This week’s song – I’m just going to throw in something I enjoy. I’m a hip hop guy from way back in the day so I’ll go with that.


We get some football next week.  Until then, have a great one and enjoy the Bronco fall!

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