BTN Playoff Rankings & Access Bowl Rankings


Heath’s Rankings

Playoff Rankings

1.) Florida State

2.) Mississippi State

3.) TCU

4.) Oregon

On the outside looking in – Alabama & Baylor

Breakdown: If you are an SEC fan reading this for some reason you are probably livid. The thing is though, I am the guy who never buys the SEC hype. Yes, the conference has reason to be confident and believe it is the “best”. But when it comes to the playoffs I don’t think that means you get 2-3 teams in just because. Look at other sports, the NFC West in the NFL is easily the best conference in the NFL, that doesn’t mean they get 3 teams this year into the tournament. I look at the CFB playoff the exact same way. As far as my rankings go, I put Florida State at number one because to be the best, you have to beat the best. Do I like Florida State? No, I hate them, but everything considered I have to respect the product on the field. Mississippi State comes in at #2 because right now no team looks better to me, yet I still feel they are setup for a major letdown soon. TCU right now is the hot team in the country and though I really loathe the Horned Frogs, they deserve to be in. Gary Patterson transforming a team that was once all about defense into an offensive power has been really impressive to me. Then lastly we have Oregon, I have them here because I firmly believe they will win the rest of their games and the Pac-12 deserves to be represented. The conference has gotten much better as a whole over time and if Oregon wins out they should get a shot at the National Championship.

Access Bowl Rankings

1.) Marshall

2.) Boise State

3.) Colorado State

4.) ECU

5.) Nevada

Breakdown: Kills me to have Marshall at #1 right now and I know BSU fans are going to blast me because “look at the schedule”. Trust me, I get it, Marshall has beat nobody that makes you believe they are a great team. Even with that though I have to give the players on that team credit. You beat who you have on the schedule and let the rest sort itself out. Boise State at one time hated hearing about SOS and I assume their fans do as well. Weird turn of events for Boise State fans right? And yes, Boise State usually had at least 1 marquee game on their schedule and Marshall has nothing even close to that. I personally however give zero losses more respect than two losses even if it is against two good teams in Ole Miss and Air Force. After Boise State and Marshall I have Colorado State, and I am sure for CSU fans they are hating the position they are in. That conference champion rule right now is quite the pain in the you know what for them. But until BSU loses they can’t jump us on my list or any list for that matter. After that I have ECU and Nevada and neither to me are real contenders at this point. If some craziness happens and CSU, Marshall, and Boise State all meltdown then I will give them a harder look.

Noel’s Rankings

Playoff Rankings

1)Florida State

2)Mississippi State



On the outside looking in: Alabama and Arizona State

Breakdown:  As much as I’m not a fan of Jameis Winston and his antics off the field, he seems to be the leader and has helped keep the Seminoles loss-free for the better part of 2 seasons.  Mississippi State is a close second because of FSU not losing.  Oregon and TCU can be either 3 or 4 bout I like the semifinal matchup of the Ducks and Bulldogs because of the dynamic that both their quarterbacks bring.  As far as Alabama and Arizona State, that will sort itself out with the Tide and MSU playing this weekend (Tide won’t Roll) and the Sun Devils getting Arizona in their rivalry game and Oregon in the PAC 12 Championship.  Anything can happen.  I hope that anything does.

Access Bowl Rankings


2)Boise State

3)Georgia Southern

4)East Carolina

5)Colorado State

Breakdown:  Marshall? Yes, Marshall.  And it makes my wife happy because of Matthew McCanaughey.  They’re undefeated.  Have the really beaten anyone?  No but my #2 pick, your Boise State Broncos, lost to Air Force and a now twice-defeated Ole Miss.  The Broncos do have a clear path to the MWC Championship game if they can win out. I added Georgia Southern because they’re undefeated in the Sun Belt, which is AWFUL, and the triple option is horribly tough to defend, amirite? East Carolina could be a complete team but has fun “trip up” games that seem oddly familiar.  Colorado State – yeah no chance if they don’t get some luck.

Tami’s Rankings

Playoff Rankings

1.) Florida State

2.) Mississippi State

3.) Oregon

4.) TCU

On the outside looking in – Baylor, Bama

Breakdown: FSU needs to lose and lose hard. Ideally, they’ll trip against Miami because I would like to see the most heartbreak possible on Jameis’ smug face. Just don’t think it will happen with their remaining schedule. Thus, top spot. Mississippi (CLANGA) State is the best team in the SEC, despite the world’s Bama obsession. I also don’t think 2 teams from the SEC deserve to be in, for the reasons Nate outlined above. That leaves the last two. Oregon is interchangeable with Arizona State at this point – whoever walks out of the Pac championship game with a win goes to the playoff. I just don’t think the Sun Devils will survive the Ducks onslaught. TCU is a dangerous team right now, and could be the scariest team in the playoff picture. They may not win the whole thing, but they will probably take out their first round opponent and cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the process.

Access Bowl Rankings

1.) Marshall

2.) Colorado State

3.) Boise State

4.) Eastern Carolina

5.) Louisiana Tech

Breakdown: Marshall is undefeated. Until such time they lose, they are in the drivers seat. Yes, they have awful SOS, but they’re a pretty good football team who stands a chance of winning all their games. Winning them all is hard, no matter the conference, and I really just want the precedence set that undefeated means playing on New Years. I have CSU at number two because technically they are ahead of Boise State right now. I also don’t think that will last. Next is ECU because Pirates and a good record. Last is a wild La Tech appearing! Sure, they lost to an FCS school, but they also had a nice OOC schedule otherwise in Oklahoma and Auburn. Those are the only three losses on their schedule and theoretically, they could beat the Thundering Herd in the CUSA champ game. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Or maybe do hope, because in my heart I want Boise State to play in an access bowl and Marshall must lose for that to happen.

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