This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 12 (Never Stop Believin’)

It’s hard to believe that a team from so far away could become our newest rival but San Diego State has accomplished that feat. I suppose that will happen when you lose two games consecutively. It’s a Black Out tonight.  I’m not sure the thermometer had to play along.  Stay warm, my friends.

Black Out!
Black Out!

“That Presbyterian College gave us a really good challenge!” – No team ever. C’mon Ole Miss. Why would you even schedule them? You can get more worth from an intrasquad scrimmage….Hey! Eastern Washington! Would you mind turning the color of your field down. Holy Hannah it’s bright!…I hope Boise State never had to  “rebuild” like Idaho does. I’d still be a fan but to be optimistic about a under-2 year record of 2-18 would be a tough pill to swallow.I’m in shock right now. Still the first quarter and the Broncos are stinking up the joint….Crazy halftime score. The Broncos have over 400 yards of offense and 35 points and is still down by 7. Hopefully, the defense removes their heads from their posterior….OMG. The Broncos step up the defense and out scored New Mexico 25-7 in the second half to win. The final score: 60-49. And they followed my plan!


These are the college football games that I forced Mrs. Diggity to sit through (save one): Wake Forest/Clemson, Fordham/Bucknell, Memphis/Temple, Utah State/Wyoming, Georgia/Kentucky, Presbyterian College/Ole Miss, Oklahoma/Baylor, Notre Dame/Arizona State, Texas A&M/Auburn, Mississippi State/Tennessee-Martin, Michigan/Northwestern, Eastern Washington/Montana, SDSU/Idaho, Boise State/New Mexico, Alabama/LSU, Oregon/Utah, Washington/UCLA….ESPN anchors – please stop TRYING to be cool. If it’s organic, by all means, do it. But most of the time, you’re making a fool of yourselves. Don’t say “swag” or “turnt up” or even “fo’ swizzle”. Please….Congratulations to Grant Hedrick and Dan Goodale. The both won Mountain West Player of the week. Grant for offense and Dan for special teams. Way to represent….Also, Grant wins the Capital One Impact Player of the Week. That’s a fan-voted award from ESPN. And those fans are absolutely correct. If the Broncos don’t get that performance, they don’t win….


LeBron won’t let his sons play football. I just don’t get it. If it’s something they enjoy, let them enjoy it. That goes for anything. Within reason of course…I was going through the onscreen cable guide and noticed “Doc McStuffins”. I know that it’s on The Disney Channel but doesn’t that sound like the name of a character in a porn movie?…I agreed with Stephan A. Smith AND Skip Bayless when they were disappointed with Derrick Rose saying he thinks about after he’s done playing basketball when he sits out of a game. I think it’s the wrong mindset for any athlete to have much less someone that’s getting paid millions….I’m sure 1 or 2 people might sing “Mony, Mony” with you if you roll around blasting it but I’m thinking you get more “WTF” looks than anything….This week’s Bowl Projections have Boise State in a couple of places. Mark Schlabach predicts the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl against Stanford while Brett McMurphy says Arizona State in the Fiesta Bowl. Those would both be top-tier opponents but I lean towards the Fiesta Bowl….Hey! Who cares about Kim Kardashian’s posterior?…I was watching a local commercial and it had words scrolling at the bottom to the left. It totally tripped me out….Little Caesar’s box says to try their “Award Winning” deep dish pizza. The award it won? “Best Deep Dish” at Motor City Fest 2013. C’mon now. That’s like winning something at the Elmore County Fair. You can’t brag about that award….Despite having two good backs and a great receiver, the quarterback play is what kills the Fightin’ Rockys.  And, since Boise State’s quarterback play has been pretty ok recently, that’s where the difference lies. Grant may not have a monster game like last week but he’ll do well enough to destroy SDSU’s defense which leaves them vulnerable to getting stuck in the way of the Jay Train.  I’m going to say, Boise State 51, SDSU 24. The Blue Turf Monster bites back!

The song of the week is for the people who didn’t turn off the New Mexico game at halftime. I give to you:

Again, stay warm, be loud, and have fun tonight Bronco Nation. Your team needs you to disrupt the Aztecs rhythm, damage the Aztecs confidence, and encourage our team til you can’t talk anymore.  Take care!

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