Attack The Opponent: Wyoming Cowboys

The Cowboys are 4-6 under first year head coach Craig Bohl, somehow beating Air Force and Fresno in conference. They nearly took out Colorado State, hailed by many as the best team in the MWC right now. They haven’t really truly been blown out by anybody in the Mountain West. All that combined with the fact that their place might be the second hardest place to play in conference other than Boise State makes the game coming up this Saturday require inordinate focus.

Playing at Wyoming seems like it would be the exact opposite experience of a Bronco home game. Whereas Albertsons Stadium is a riot of bright blue and orange and noise, War Memorial Stadium is a drab and fairly sparse collection of folks in brown and yellow. The wind howls and the snow blows and momentum can get sucked away like a dementor feeding on joy.


Harsin and Ginny Weasley share a patronus. #hashtagHPGeek

Then again, the Broncos are on a roll. The Cowboys will be tough, because that’s kind of the Cowboy deal all-around. Those guys don’t just lay down, roll over, and die. Nobody is going to do that anymore, and it’s making football a much more exciting thing in the Mountain West. If only the Wyoming fan base was as hardy. Boise State is coming off some very interesting second half comeback wins. Would imagine we will see the J-Train rolling hot into Laramie on Saturday night, and the team that doesn’t kill themselves with turnovers and penalties will win.

Boise State is going to have to defend just as well as ever. Ben Weaver said during the radio show on Monday night, “Lots of incentive to go 3 and out, you could get back to the heaters.” Well, lucky you, Mr. Weaver! Hold Wyoming and their big, tough RB to 3 and outs and you can totally hang out by the heaters again this weekend!

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Just maybe stick with the gas heaters instead of what happened in the first half vs. SDSU.

There is a lot of speculation floating around about how the end of the season is going to look. The Broncos must stay focused on the task at hand – winning this game, this week. The ‘Boys aren’t going to be an easy team to beat. As satisfying as it would be to see Boise State put a ton of points on Wyoming (mostly to add to the fan misery complex), The Broncos haven’t been consistent enough on the road to make that prediction. They do, however, seem to really care about each other and have bought into their own message. That ol’ Bronco Magic was never magic, and we all knew it. The miracles, the amazing victories, the battles with Goliaths, was all driven by this enviable philosophy that Hars and his intense band of coaches has so successfully translated to millennial speak.

I don’t think Craig Bohl has that at Wyoming yet. Thats why Cowboys fans are despondent on the message boards, and while tickets sell, they’re getting Vandal numbers through the doors. The fans will show up in slightly bigger numbers for this game because Boise State coming to town with ESPN and dat cash in tow is kind of a big deal. They took down the guys that took down Boise…maybe it’s possible for the Cowboys to out tough the Broncos on a cold and windy night over seven thousand feet.


We did see Tony Hawk fall off a real-deal hoverboard this week. Anything is possible.

It’s also just as likely that Boise State puts together a true 4 quarter game and shuts up everybody who whines about being a second half team now. Or about how late the games are. Or about how cold it is outside. Broncos care about one thing: playing the best football game that can be played. Bronco Nation better hurry up and get with the program en masse or the team will leave them behind, just like they are conference opponents these days. The Broncos don’t have time for it. They’ve got a championship to bring home.

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