Dear Marshall – A Letter From Boise State Fans


Dear Marshall,

Hey how are you guys doing? I see you guys have an undefeated record! Congratulations on that! We have had a few those, it is pretty awesome to get tons of attention and see your team on ESPN and college football talk shows huh? I also see you guys might have some “big” schools looking to steal your coach… Trust me, we get that as well… Anyways, I was just writing to you guys about the possible “Access Bowl” our fan bases are fighting over right now. See, I know you guys have had a great season and trust me, we really do respect an undefeated record. We have been telling other fans for years that if it was so easy then why don’t all schools do it? But here is the thing Marshall, this season we have two losses… And yes, I know you guys have beat everybody on your schedule, and once again be very proud of that! It is just well, see, we think we deserve the Access Bowl more than you guys… Yes, I know all of a sudden we sound like everything we hate/have hated for years during the BCS. But please, understand it is not our fault, and it is definitely not you guys, I mean seriously you guys are awesome. The movie “We Are Marshall” who doesn’t love that movie? And it even had Matthew Mcconaughey in it so that tells you everything right? But again, I digress, and need to return to the point. See we honestly don’t mean to sound like everything we have always hated, the Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, USC fans who always said our strength of schedule sucks and we don’t deserve to be in (insert big game here). But this is what the system has done to us, this is what it has created. We are all sharks in the water fighting for a that dead carcass the “Power 5” have left for us, the carcass that is the chance to play in a meaningless “Big Bowl” that ultimately means nothing on the national stage. So once again, we are sorry, know that it is not you, it is just the situation we all find ourselves in. Maybe someday we can be friends again, maybe someday we can all realize that we shouldn’t hate each other, or be fighting with each other. Instead, we should be focused on the bigger issue here and that is the system we are forced to live in. Until that time though, know that we are rooting for you to lose, and for us to win. It is nothing personal, it is just business.

Best Regards,

Boise State Fans

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