BTN Predictions Week 13: Wyoming


I am not sure why we even do this anymore.  It is obvious that this team, if anything, is unpredictable.  But we are here to entertain and entertain we will!  So what are the possibilities against Wyoming on Saturday?

Is it possible that WYO is gradually getting better, and the Fresno game was not an anomaly? Are we strolling into an ambush at 7,165 feet?

Are the teams more evenly matched then most think?  Is this going to be one of those close, low scoring games like the one that nearly ruined our 2006 Fiesta Bowl dream?

Or will this be the game that Boise State finally puts together a complete effort in all phases of the game and absolutely obliterates them like we did in our 51-6 stomping in 2010?

Sigh.  Who knows.  The way we have played on the road it is almost stupid to predict a blowout. But it REALLY feels like this team is on the precipice of putting it all together.

The conditions of the game against SDSU may have done this team some good. Despite doing the pre-game warm ups shirtless, I am sure there was some sort of shock once the game started.  They know what to expect from the cold now, and my guess is it will be a non-factor (probably for both teams).  I am predicting that we finally get the much talked about fast start from the Broncos, and a dominating defensive performance where we see our guys in the Cowboys backfield more than we see the Cowboys in the end-zone.  Boise State 44 Wyoming 9


Wyoming isn’t the best team that Boise State has faced this season, not by a mile. They don’t have the talent of Ole Miss or the defensive ability to get the Broncos to turn the ball over a bajillion times like AFA. What the Pokes do have is a whole lot of toughness and a very good first year head coach. They have the snowy wind howling through War Memorial Stadium, and a history of hating on Boise State but never beating them.

I want this to be a blowout. If the Coaches make “starting fast” happen, the Cowboys could be just as demoralized by the half as BYU was vs. BSU. However, with the Broncos playing so strangely on the road, it’s hard to say definitively. Winning is good, and what the Broncos are doing best right now. They may not be pretty, but they count. Wyoming is going to fight like hell against Boise State, but it won’t be enough. Broncos 35, Pokes 21.


Obviously, I’m horrible at this but I’ll give it another go (because you want me to, right?). I think that with the weather the Broncos had at home last week, it won’t play much of a factor. It will be a balmy 33 degrees at kickoff.  The wind may cause a minor issue as it’ll be 22 mph. On paper and record-wise, Boise State is a better team. But, they don’t start well and that is an issue, especially on the road. I do give the edge to the Broncos in this one though. I think that, despite the wind, Grant will be able to get short to mid-range routes consistently and Jay may have his best all-around game as the ground game will have to be featured later in the evening.  The defense will keep the Cowboys under 300 yards.  You heard it here!  Boise State 38, Wyoming 13


Wind, weather, weird starts for BSU none of that sounds great. But I am starting to believe in what this team has inside of them. The defense will have to come ready to play but if they do that this should be an easy game. I have been to a Boise State vs Wyoming game and the team didn’t seem to have any issues with the elevation or cold. I haven’t done very well at picking scores this season, I don’t think I have really even been close. But this week I am going Boise State 31 Wyoming 17.


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