Marshall who? Utah State is Next!


I am one of those people who often cringe when fans says “we” need to stay focused on a certain opponent or tasks. Ultimately, l I believe that is the team and coaches job. However the excitement of last night’s rankings have seemed to switch the narrative of a lot of people. Somehow, Boise State has gone from playing Utah State to playing Marshall in the minds of some. The fact of the matter though is that Utah State is the only team Boise State is playing, and the only thing that really matters. It shouldn’t take much to remind Boise State fans that just because we control our destiny doesn’t mean we will…*cough Nevada, cough TCU, cough cough San Diego State*… I know that hurts, but it is the truth and it sucks. So more than focusing on Marshall, fans in this case actually do need to focus on Utah State, because frankly, Utah State is not an easy game by any means. Don’t believe me? Read Tami’s Attack the Opponent here. Utah State brings a team that won’t quit to “The Blue” and the fans can play a role in changing this game, and the coaches and school are depending on it.

So as much as the narrative has switched to Boise State vs Marshall. Just remember that Boise State vs Utah State is what matters. More importantly, you showing up and supporting the Broncos matters. Be loud, be proud, and show the world Boise State deserves these rankings from the players to the fans in the stands. Then, if “we” can win these possible next two games, then “we” can focus on the rankings, and Boise State vs Marshall.

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