BTN Playoff Rankings & Access Bowl Rankings


1.) Florida State

2.) Alabama

3.) TCU

4.) Oregon

On the outside looking in – Baylor, Ohio State.

Breakdown:  When nothing changes, nothing changes, I know profound statement made there. For me though I am sticking to my guns here for another week. Florida State looked like they were gonna lose again, but still, found a way to win. I am really hoping Florida pulls off a miracle but we will see. The rest for me need no more explaining, they maintain where they stand in my rankings.

Access Bowl Rankings

1.) Boise State

2.) Marshall

3.) Colorado State

4.) Cincinnati

5.) I don’t even know

Look, if I said after watching the Wyoming game that I was going to put Boise State #1 and not Marshall, people would think I was liar. Though I did think about it long and hard, the committee making Boise State the #1 team out of the little guys made me change it. I still won’t waver at the idea that Marshall deserves some respect, and to some degree sympathy (that is changing though with their attacks on BSU). The rest of the group outside of CSU, Marshall, and BSU is getting out of control. Everyone keeps losing to each other. So at this point, I am just going to leave it at 4 and hope nothing insane happens to end the season.



1)Florida State




On the outside looking in: Mississippi State, Ohio State

Breakdown:  I refuse to put Florida State out of the top spot.  The simple reasons: they are the defending National Champions and they haven’t lost for almost 2 years.  Alabama beat a previously undefeated team so they jump one-loss Oregon.  I believe that the 1-4 and 2-3 match-ups would be the most compelling so I like where this sits. Unfortunately for Mississippi State, unless ‘Bama loses the Iron Bowl, they’re out.  That leaves Ohio State….they won’t get anything because of the loss to Virginia Tech and a game against an underwhelming Michigan squad.

Access Bowl Rankings

1)Boise State


3)Georgia Southern

4)Northern Illinois

5)Colorado State

Breakdown:  When the Broncos manhandled Wyoming and Marshall struggled against UAB, it was clear that, despite the record, Boise State was the better team (in my opinion).  With a win against a 9-3 Utah State, there’s no way the Herd thunders by the Broncos.  I’m leaving Georgia Southern at 3 because I hate the problems the triple option provide.  Northern Illinois gives us a bit of Mac-tion here and Colorado State, poor Rams, get to stay at 5.  They have no chance unless Boise State and Marshall both stumble.


1.) Florida State

2.) Oregon

3.) Alabama

4.) TCU

(On the outside: Ohio State, Mississippi State)

Breakdown: Poll doesn’t change, I don’t change. The Noles should get past the Gators, although it is a rivalry game and FSU likes to play ’em close so anything is possible. The Ducks likely won’t go down this weekend either. Bama could lose the Iron Bowl, but it’s a tossup. TCU had a really convincing win over Texas, but if Ohio State beats Michigan in the same fashion, who knows what could happen. This season could come down to which is the worse whipping boy – the Horns or the Wolverines. Hopefully TCU can stick around, because I can’t think of anything more boring than Ohio State making the playoff.

Access Bowl Rankings

1.) Boise State

2.) Marshall

3.) Colorado State

4.) Northern Illinois

5.) Georgia Southern

Breakdown: I have become what I hate. Sorry, Marshall, but the committee has spoken. If Boise State beats Utah State and wins the conference, they are going to play in the Fiesta Bowl. If Boise State loses, it’s likely Colorado State would jump Marshall as well. It feels quite hypocritical to punish Marshall for going undefeated, but when you think about Boise State getting hosed in the polls all those times for losing a close game, and you take an objective look at a fan base that travels well to Glendale, is a known quantity, and will for sure put on a good show and get eyeballs on the TV…well…it’s easy to see why the committee did what they did. Northern Illinois and Georgia Southern are there because they technically are the next two decent options, but we all know that unless the chaos monster comes out fast and furious tomorrow, they are not likely to be playing for all the Vizios.

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