BTN Predictions Week 14: Utah State Aggies


Here we are at the last regular season game of the year, and as we all hoped, we are playing for a spot in  the Mountain West Conference Championship game (and perhaps bigger things than that).

With the Broncos controlling their own destiny for the championship, as well as being in the drivers seat for a New Years Bowl game spot, I have no doubt that our team will be motivated for this game.  Add in the emotion of senior night (the ovation Jeremy Ioane is going to receive will be epic) and you can bet that the atmosphere at Albertsons stadium will be awesome.  Sorry, Aggies, but I think you are walking into a bad situation.

We saw a complete game by Boise State last week on the road at Wyoming, and I think we will see one on The Blue this Saturday as well.  USU certainly has the defense to keep them in the game, but I have a feeling Marcel Yates will dial up some confusion from our own defense to get 4th string quarterback Kent Myers to panic and make some mistakes.

On offense I expect the Broncos to struggle a little in the run game, but will more than make up for it with a huge game by Grant Hedrick.  Boise State dominates 49-17 and clinches their spot in the MWC championship game.


Boise State has an interesting problem ahead. Utah State has a pretty dang good defense, especially against the run. Offensively, the Aggies are passable. Not great, not rolling up hundreds of yards on teams every night, but who needs the ability to score at will when defense takes that option away for the opponent? An arrow is just as deadly as a bullet at close enough range.

The Broncos recognize they are on a special trajectory, but have got to stay focused on the game ahead right now, with the Utah State Aggies who are in the typical MWC spot of hoping to be the one that can spoil Boise State’s dreams. The added bonus for USU is that it would be back to back MWC championship games. This game is high stakes, winner takes all and loser goes home. It’s Senior Night in Boise, hopefully a great turnout of folks ready to blow off some steam after spending days on our best behavior around our in-laws and shoving too much food in our faceholes.

Boise State, with continued dominance over the state of Utah to prove, comes out strong in front of the friendly crowd and throws haymakers at an Aggie team that just wasn’t prepared. Grant has a huge game, as does Jay, and USU gets the same treatment as BYU – totally demoralized, sent home on a bus across southern Idaho to think about their cockiness and inability to win in Boise. Boys in The Right Color Blue – 55, Aggies, 21. 



Welcome to the MWCMDCG – That’s the Mountain West Conference Mountain Division Championship Game.  It’s crazy how things come together.  The Broncos didn’t expect to lose to Air Force and I bet Colorado State didn’t either.  Some people are worried that it will give Utah State some extra motivation.  I’m not worried because I believe the coaching staff will have the boys focused up and ready to go.

As good as the defense for Utah State is, I am predicting that this gets out of hand early.  It will be similar to the score of last week’s game at halftime.  BSU may not score 56 but they’ll score enough.  And with the Aggies’ limited offense, the Broncos will have no problem pulling away fast.  Grant has a decent day. Jay gets 150+ and 2 TDs.  SWR and Sperbeck get 7 catches each. And, the defense forces 4 turnovers.  Boise State 45, Utah State 17.



I have thought a lot about tonight’s game, the position we are in is incredible. Marshall lost, Colorado State lost, everything has laid down for the Broncos except the one that matters Utah State. The Aggies are going to come ready to play, that I have no doubt about. I expect for a few series that Utah State’s defense will cause our offense problems. However, ultimately, the blue on blue is back, and the emotion of senior night will be too much for any team especially Utah State to overcome. So what happens? Well, my predictions have been about as far off as you could imagine this season so I wanted to find another way of going about my prediction for this game. So what did I come up with? Well, I figured this was pretty much about as close to accurate as I was going to find.

Final score: Boise State 41 Utah State 24

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  1. Defenses wins championships. BSU will be held to less than 31, and that just might be enough for USU to pull ahead.

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