This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 14: The MWCMDCG (The Mountain West Conference Mountain Division Championship Game)

Who would have thought it?  The Utah State game is the MWC Mountain Division Championship Game and it could potentially be the last time the Broncos play on the Blue this year.  I wish I could be there.  This will be the first Senior Day that the Mrs. and I won’t be at in 5 years.  Hopefully, Bronco Nation will pack the stadium and I’ll be able to feel that goodness through the TV.  Have a great week!


I missed quite a bit of college football today. Mrs. Diggity made fun of me for saying so…Great first half for the Broncos. The defense played amazing. Good Guys lead 28-7….The second half has been even better. Passing TD, 2 Running TDs, Punt Return TD, and a Pick 6. Way to put a total game together, boys. The final was 63-14….Here are the games I was able to check out last week. I worked Saturday so it wasn’t so bad:  Toledo/Bowling Green, UTEP/Rice, San José State/Utah State, Air Force/SDSU,  EWU/Portland State, Miami/Virginia, Oklahoma St./Baylor, USC/UCLA, Boise State/Wyoming, Fresno State/Nevada…So about those people who wanted to get rid of Grant after the Air Force game. What do you think now?…I’m now employed by the USPS and it most likely will be taking my weekends away from me. But, the bennies and pay are good and it’s not call center work so I’m good….This job is being on my feet all day. I may lose some weight.  That’s a good thing….Boise State came in at #23 in the College Football Playoff poll. That’s just ahead of Marshall and miles ahead of where they were after the Air Force game….And that means weekly bowl projections. Just for sanity’s sake, I just look at ESPNs picks. There are hundreds of people prognosticating. That being said, both Mark Schlabach and Brett McMurphy have the Broncos in the Fiesta Bowl. Mark has them playing Arizona while Brett has UCLA as the opponent…I’m all for peacefully protesting but I have no idea what good a Black Friday boycott would do and am probably pretty sure it won’t happen….Thanksgiving was pretty good.  Too much food. Way too much good food. But I’m thankful for that….Friday was a fun set of games. Good to see both Marshall and Colorado State, they of little faith in BSU, falter. I try not to talk trash until all is said and done. The Thundering Herd and Rams made the end result a bit easier to predict.

For the song of the week, this is how I think Bronco Stadium should be tonight. Get all rowdy and stuff.

That being said, enjoy yourselves, Bronco Nation.  Be classy and sassy and a whole bunch of bad-a$$y.  See you next week.

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