Fear Fresno…Fear the Bulldogs, No I am Serious.

0917_largeOctober 19th, 2001 Boise State enters Fresno California to play the #10 Fresno State Bulldogs. At the time, nobody knew much about Boise State. And certainty nobody thought they would beat, or even really challenge, the Bulldogs who were undoubtedly on their way to the BCS game. The Bulldogs had graced the covers of magazines, had a Heisman level QB, and were the toast of the “small” schools around the country….Problem was, nobody told Boise State as BSU entered and upset the Bulldogs and changed the course of college football history forever. Now, flash forward to December 6th, 2014 the Mountain West Championship game. Boise State is a win away from a chance to play in their 3rd Fiesta Bowl. Fresno State, they haven’t cracked the “big bowl” landscape yet. They still dream of the day to one day take down the mega-school on a mega-stage.

 I bring this up because natural instinct is to look at the game on Saturday and say, “we got this”. After all, Fresno State is 6-6, they lost to UNLV, and got destroyed by Wyoming at home. More importantly than both of those facts, they already lost to Boise State this season on “The Blue” and have never beaten the Broncos at home. But think about that game that changed everything on October 19th, 2001. Think about how bad Fresno State fans, and their program, want to avenge that loss. The whole cliche of this is so and so’s Superbowl is played out. But when you really consider the ramifications of this game, when you really consider what Fresno State could accomplish here by defeating Boise State, the cliche almost looks to fit. Bronco fans, and players, better be ready come Saturday because I can guarantee Fresno will be. Should Boise State dominate Fresno? The tale of the tape says yes. But the tale of the tape said the same thing in 2001, and Boise State couldn’t have cared less. Let’s just hope Boise State learned from our fortunate past, and doesn’t let Fresno State turn the tables on BSU come Saturday.

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2 thoughts on “Fear Fresno…Fear the Bulldogs, No I am Serious.

  1. I don’t doubt for a minute Fresno could upset Boise. 6-6 schools have kept teams out of the national title game (see Oklahoma State a couple of years ago) and Fresno is a rival. All bets are off until this game is in the books.

    1. That was the part I didn’t even include and is a great point. Fresno State makes a living off knocking off the ranked team. There is a lot of danger coming to Boise Saturday, Hopefully our fans and players are ready for a battle. Great point.

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