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“We will make it through this.” Boise State is better off one year after Petersen’s Departure

Photo Courtesy USA Today

On December 6th, 2013 the University of Washington announced that the Chris Petersen era had begun on Montlake. 

Exactly one year later on December 6th, 2014 Bryan Harsin’s  Broncos will be playing for the Mountain West Conference Championship, and the chance for a spot in a New Years 6 Bowl.

Who could have imagined that one year ago?

Most of us were following the events on December 5th with cautious optimism.  Pete had turned down many jobs before this, so why Washington, and why now?  Twitter was being updated furiously with news of private planes from Seattle on their way to Boise, reporters stalking the Jackson Jet Center, and everyone from bloggers like me to national sports writers looking for a source and a scoop.

Throughout that evening, one person in particular seemed to have the most knowledge, and was tweeting the most updates.  Travis Hawkes,  owner of the Blue and Orange Store, kept us updated:

Later that night we would learn that we were indeed at Defcon 1.  A jet was on its way to Boise, and they were coming to take our coach.  But it was a tweet by Travis just a little while after his Defcon status – which was surely meant to reassure – that ended up meaning more than we could have ever imagined one year later:

At the time most of us probably repeated these words nervously.  We WILL make it through this.  Coach Pete is just “listening” like he always has, but he will turn it down and things will be fine.

The truth is Pete was listening.

But he accepted.

And we are better off.

Photo Courtesy USA Today
Photo Courtesy USA Today

Bryan Harsin was announced as Chris Petersen’s successor on December 11th 2013, and one year after we were all worried about the demise of Bronco football, Travis was right.  We did make it through this.  Here we are playing for  our first ever outright Mountain West Conference Championship, and IF we win, a spot in a major bowl game.

Nobody could have ever imagined we would be in this spot one year after the nerve-wracking night of December 5th, 2013.  Except maybe Travis Hawkes.

We made it through it – now lets finish.





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