BTN Playoff Rankings & Access Bowl Rankings



1.) Florida State

2.) Alabama

3.) Baylor

4.) Oregon

On the outside looking in – TCU, Ohio State.

The only change  that I have here is that I am waffling on TCU vs Baylor. A lot of that comes down to my belief that head-to-head means more than anything else. TCU has certainly looked better, but Baylor beat TCU and I just can’t accept the Horned Frogs getting in over a team that beat them. If Baylor wins vs Kansas State, despite TCU being ranked 3rd I believe Baylor should be in not TCU. After that, the rest stays the same for now. I do believe though that after this upcoming weekend some shifting will happen and chaos could ensue.

Access Bowl Rankings

1.) Boise State

Somebody is behind Boise State and it is probably Memphis… But I am just not even going to focus on anybody else this week. I am too excited for Boise State vs Fresno and what happens if Boise State wins. So this week the only team that matters is Boise State. After that frankly, if Boise State is to lose, I can’t even imagine the backlash the little guys will face for whoever they put in the New Years bowl.


1) Florida State

2) Oregon

3) Alabama

4) TCU

On the outside looking in: Ohio State, Baylor

I’m sorry but Florida State just keeps on winning. I don’t have any loyalties to their football team but this one: 28 straight wins.  Until they lose, they stay number 1.  Oregon destroyed Oregon State while Alabama struggled with Auburn. That 2 vs. 3 match-up would be amazing to see.  TCU slides in at 4 because they happened to not lose. Sitting on the outside, Ohio State did well enough against Michigan but lost their record-breaking quarterback. Baylor kept just ahead of Texas Tech but not enough to vault into the top 4.

Access Bowl Rankings

1) Boise State

2) Georgia Southern

3) Northern Illinois

I only went with a top 3 this week.  The Broncos dominated the “Best Defense in the Mountain West” and are clearly the best team in the non-Power 5 conferences.  The only hurdle in the way of them making an Access Bowl qualifier is the conference championship game against Fresno State.  They won’t lose.  Georgia Southern and Northern Illinois are in there just to fill out the list as they have no chance if Boise State wins.  But, considering what happened to Marshall and Colorado State this past weekend, it’s not impossible.  Just improbable.


1.  Oregon

2. Florida State

3.  Alabama

4.  TCU

On the outside looking in: Baylor, Ohio State.

I think most people are in agreement that these are the top four teams, with Baylor getting consideration from some.  I feel like Oregon is playing the best football of these four, therefore earning my top spot.  Florida State has been lucky to win a lot of their games this year, but as a Boise State fan I know how hard it is to go undefeated, and they are working on two straight seasons with no losses, so they slide in ahead of Alabama for the two spot.  Although I feel head to head is important, TCU is playing some of the best football of anyone right now, and sometimes head to head doesn’t tell the whole story.  Air Force beat Boise State but does anyone really thing the Falcons are the better team? Barring one of them losing this week, these will be the four teams in the playoff.  The only thing to settle now is seeding.

Access Bowl Rankings

1.  Boise State

998.  Marshall

999. Memphis

1000. Hot Garbage

Obviously this is Boise State’s spot to lose, and at this point it is not even close.  If Boise State handles Cal State – Fresno like I expect It is New Years 6 bowl for the Broncos. IF IF IF IF IF they were to lose (we are more likely to see unicorns frolicking on The Blue) I think Marshall still has a chance if they win their championship game.  After that Memphis is next, and then I really don’t think anyone else would be considered.  Georgia Southern would have been a nice story, however the NCAA ruled yesterday to not allow them in a bowl game. Boise State will win on Saturday, and will be a major bowl once again.


1. Florida State

2. Bama

3. Oregon

4. TCU

On the outside looking in: Baylor, Ohio State

Punishing Florida State for winning is like punishing a kid for getting an A-. Sure, it hasn’t always been pretty, but the Noles are defending champs and haven’t yet lost. I left them in the top spot, because really, I think they could probably beat Bama. It would be a terrible game to watch until the last minute and half or so, but FSU seems to have some magic. Bama and Oregon are pretty much interchangeable, and at the end, TCU (my call for the team that will cause the most chaos on New Years.)

Access Bowl Rankings

1. Boise State

2. Northern Illinois

3. Georgia Southern

4. uhhhhhhh

Look, Boise leads the charge in the group of five by 8 furlongs. Honestly, I don’t even want to talk about the Broncos in relation to the F Bowl because my irrational fear of jinxes is taking over. There’s a championship to be won before that even becomes an issue. I guess NIU could get the bid if the unthinkable happens this weekend. So, yeah. Somehow that doesn’t seem like it will be an issue.

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