Flashback Friday- Fiesta Home (Fiesta Bowl)

At this point, I think everybody is aware of what is on the line Saturday night. It doesn’t get bigger than this and hopefully our fans will respond accordingly. So to get fans ready for Saturday I figured why not “flashback” as tradition on the internet to our past Fiesta Bowl appearances? Why not revisit what our fans cherish so much and say separates us from the rest of the college football world. To do this I have put together videos and pictures of those amazing events. Let us “Embrace the Past” as we get ready to “Attack the Future” Saturday. Get ready Bronco Nation, tomorrow night it is all on the line!

2007 Fiesta Bowl

Frankly, I dare you to watch this video and not shed a tear, or get goosebumps.
It is easily one of my all-time favorite videos ever made.

Here are some HD quality highlights from yours truly recapping the “3 plays that shocked the world”.

Pictures capturing that truly amazing night

BSU72911862WEBNCAA Football - Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Boise State vs Oklahoma - January 1, 2007boisestate_marty_tadman

2010 Fiesta Bowl

HD highlights of the game.(38 second mark, Wilson destroys Dalton)

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - TCU v Boise State

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