This Week at the Diggity’s – Conference ‘Ship Week (Deja Blue All Over Again)

There was a chance this would happen: A bad case of Deja Blue (for them). You know, that the Broncos would play a team that they had already faced earlier in the season.  Who would have thought that it would be the Bulldogs considering the way they opened the season? But no worries, right? It gives us more reasons to hate The California State University at Fresno.  And who doesn’t love that?


So ABC’s newest comedy is called “Fresh Off the Boat”. They already have “Blackish”. Are they trying to monopolize the non-traditional  sitcom game? The CW better step their game up….Ford, in one of its latest commercials, makes it seem like Santa Skypes with children. Two thoughts: that is some technology I never got to enjoy and parents need to keep an eye on their children….The start of this game couldn’t have gone better.  I predicted a similar halftime score to last week.  I am joyfully wrong. The score is a bit better, 34-12….The fun continued in the 2nd half. Boise State out scored USU 16-7 and it wasn’t really a contest at all. Jay Ajayi for over 200 and the final is 50-19. Now on to the Mountain West Conference Championship at home on the Blue vs. CSU-Fresno….So, here are the games that I watched this week.  It’s getting down to the nitty-gritty:  TCU/Texas, LSU/Texas A&M, Iowa/Nebraska, Western Kentucky/Marshall, Colorado St./Air Force, Virginia/Virginia Tech, Michigan/Ohio State, Kentucky/Louisville, Georgia Tech/Georgia, Utah/Colorado, Florida/Florida State, Baylor/Texas Tech, Ole Miss/Mississippi St., BYU/Cal, Auburn/Alabama, Oregon/Oregon St., Utah State/Boise State….I was so upset about this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead”. I won’t spoil it but I was heartbroken….Jay Ajayi wins his 3rd Mountain West Offensive Player of the Week.  Congratulations, Jay!


You’d think with all of the rain here in Eugene that there would be more people using umbrellas. Mrs. Diggity said that a local told her that’s how they can tell who isn’t from here. Hey, Eugeniuses! That’s how you can tell who the dry people are too!…Not that anyone expected Coach Harsin to win the MWC Coach of the Year but Jay Ajayi getting jobbed on the Offensive Player of the Year is outside of the realm of understanding….Congrats to all the players that earned All-Conference honors. We are so proud of this team’s accomplishments….

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The new poll is out for this week and Boise State is in the #22 spot.  With that being said, both Mark Schlabach and Brett McMurphy have the Broncos in the Fiesta Bowl against Arizona….Look. You don’t just make a different “Annie”.  You just don’t….What is up with Halos and their creepy commercial? Your dad eats your little citrus fruit and you put a horse head in his bed. I know, it’s a stuffed animal but you’ve been watching way too many movies, you crazy little girl.

You know, since Bronco Nation is the best, they need to show and prove on CBS. You should be on your feet the whole game.  It’ll keep you warm.  NOW GET UP!

That being said, Mrs. Diggity and I will be cheering from the Eugene Chapter of Bronco Nation.  Make us proud and have a good week.

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