The Great J-Train Robbery

Admit it, Mountain West Coaches and Select Media, Jay Ajayi is a victim of grand larceny.  That’s right, you robbed the J-Train.  And Jesse James  would have been proud of the way it was done.  You might think I’m just chock full of homerism but it’s more than that.  It’s a record-breaking running back at a school that has a history of awesome running backs.  There aren’t any Bradley Van Pelts in Boise State history.

The thing is, Jay is everything to this team.  And that was before the beginning of the season.  He knew that there would be pressure on him.  Think about it: a new coaching staff with a new offense,  a generally untested quarterback that seemed to fold in big games, and besides Matt Miller and Shane Williams-Rhodes, young receivers that were a mystery. That right there is a recipe for disaster without a running back like Jay Ajayi.  And what did Jay do? He showed up. Consider this:

  • 77 more touches than last year
  • Despite all the touches, he’s been a sturdy, every down back
  • Surpassed last year’s touchdown total by 9 (24 rushing and 4 receiving)
  • In the team’s 2 losses, he averaged 150 yards from scrimmage
  • Has 580 yards in the 4th quarter
  • He even has 2 tackles

It’s pretty evident that Jay has the credentials to be the Mountain West Offensive Player of the Year.  For anyone to say different would  be ludicrous because it’s not me being a homer, it’s the black-and-white facts.

I am not trying to demean Garrett Grayson’s season.  It was one that he and all Colorado State fans could be proud of.  There were two games, just like Jay, that he couldn’t lead them to victory.  One was against a common opponent, Air Force. The other was against Jay and the Broncos.  I’m just putting that out there!

So, there it is.  I think Jay Ajayi should have been the MWC OPOY.  It’s opinion based on fact.  Is there anything we can do about it?  Nope.  But know this:



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