It’s Been A Year….

Just over a year ago, Bronco Nation was in the middle of a bit of a celebration and  we were in mourning.  You all remember the story.  Coach Pete went to the Emerald City and we were just kicked to the side of the yellow brick road.  Sure, the Broncos got an invite to the Hawaii Bowl but what good was that without the guy that led us there, right?  It’s been an incredible journey for the fans to get to where we’re at now.  Speaking of journeys, let me tell you about my last year being a Bronco fan.

I was just as upset as anyone else.  Chris Petersen had been with the program for so long and brought so many ideas and highlights to the program in his years as an offensive coordinator and as a head coach.  Where would we go from here?  I wasn’t huge into social media then but I did have my Twitter account.  I kept track of the rumors – Justin Wilcox, Dirk Koetter, and BRYAN HARSIN.  I thought all of these guys would make great head men.  When I heard that Harsin was the pick, it made plenty of sense.  Hometown boy with his roots planted in the Treasure Valley plus he had some big school coaching experience.  We needed just what he brought to the table – a connection with Bronco Nation.  And he did that in a big way.

The connection is a big thing.  Coach Harsin has let us in to the program. He’s done things like open up the football facility.  He started the “Bronco Walk”.  Nearly all the assistant coaches have ties to the program. He’s also done something that no one would ever expect during the Coach Pete Era – he shares Boise State football on Twitter. What’s more exciting than a well-timed “GO BRONCOS”?

Recruiting has changed as well.  Even though we had recruiting services that kept us up to date, the Bronco Coaching Staff has decided to make the process a bit more accessible to us.  That is what I like the most.  From the tweets to the pics to the high-quality guys they’re bringing to the program, it just seems me like the best things are yet to come.

No one expected the season that the Broncos had.  I would have been happy with a 9-4 season since it’s a new coaching staff and system.  Despite hiccups in Atlanta versus Ole Miss and at Air Force, 11-2 is a great year.  We are all amazed by the turnaround after dropping the game to the Falcons.  Winning the Mountain Division and then beating our rival Fresno State in the MWC Championship on the Blue is just icing on the cake. And what’s better than cake with icing?  A Vizio cherry on top.  The Broncos may very well start the 2nd year of the Harsin Era with a 3rd Fiesta Bowl win.

I did mention that this was about me.  Well, and the Mrs. too.  Of course, our fanaticism has grown exponentially but I mean other things.  For the first time in 5 years, we didn’t go to a Senior Day.  Why you ask?  Because we moved to Duck World – Eugene, Oregon.  That was a tough choice to make.  But, family is everything to us so we did it. Just so you all know, I troll Duck fans as much as possible.  My wifi network is called “Two and Ohhhhh”! I also became a writer for Blue Turf Nation.  This was something I had pondered for some time as it combines two passions of mine – writing and Boise State everything. I’m just glad that Derek and Heath welcomed me in and they can put up with my silliness on “This Week at the Diggity’s”. Other things have changed but they’re boring in the scheme of things.

Overall, it’s been a great year to be a Bronco. It started out kind of bumpy with an interim coach, a balcony controversy, and a loss to Oregon State in Hawaii.  The year took an uphill swing from there.  I love the direction Bronco Nation has taken.  We can only hope for another amazing year.

Happy one year anniversary Coach Harsin!

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