What They Are Saying – Jay Ajayi Part I

For all those who have followed our website for awhile, you know I love the NFL draft process. Even more, I love watching Boise State players take on the NFL and impressing scouts. Last season, I started this column on Demarcus Lawrence, “What They are Saying” where I give BSU fans all the current info I can find on current players who maybe/are going into the NFL.

Jump to today, and the question is now being asked about Jay Ajayi, will he stay, or will he go? A lot of the debate that is going on right now between Bronco fans is what is Jay’s value, and where would he would go in the draft? So to help everybody out, I thought I would start the series early this year and let everybody know, what people are saying about Jay Ajayi.

NFL Draft Scouts (http://www.nfldraftscout.com)
Current Position Rank: 7
Total Rank: 77 out of 2513
Projected Draft Round: 2-3
NFL Draft ScoutsBucky Brooks from NFL.com’s take from December 1st. (Full Story Here)

Bucky Brooks

CBS Sports RB Rankings: (Full List Here)
Current Position Rank: 8
Total Rank: 77

CBSSportsTweet Regarding Ajayi’s future:

Take all the conjecture, and bias out of it, and there you have it. That is what the experts are saying as of right now. Jay Ajayi looks to have a bright future wherever he goes. As we get closer to the NFL Draft, and an official choice is made by Jay, I will bring you “Part II”.

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