We are one week from Fiesta Eve

Photo courtesy Boise State
Photo courtesy Boise State

Time always seems to crawl between the last regular season game and the bowl game.  We were lucky enough to get an extra game with the MWC Championship game, yet the layoff has seemed to take forever.  A lot can happen in that time, too.  Last season we lost a coach, hired a coach, and lost one (and eventually two, it seems) quarterbacks to #PeeGate.  This year was better – celebrating a Championship, an invite to a major bowl game, and although bittersweet, celebrating the success of Jay Ajayi as he moves on to the NFL.

But now game week is upon us.  Juju must be posted, superstitions will commence, and on Christmas we will all stare at our new Bronco gear wondering if it is worthy of being presented to the Football Gods on game day, or if the fact none of it was there with us through the ups and downs of the season will jinx our team. Predictions will be predicted, banter will be bantered, and weak stomachs will get queasier by the day.

Game week is upon us.  Prepare accordingly.

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