A Letter to the NFL – Play Kellen F’n Moore!

Dear NFLDear NFL,

I am writing you because frankly, I can’t take it anymore… I can’t take the fact that you guys continue to miss the obvious answer sitting in front of you. See, this week Ryan Lindley is starting in Arizona, Austin Davis is starting in St. Louis, Colin Kaepernick starting in San Fransisco, and Connor Shaw is starting in Cleveland! Not to mention the redhead in Cincinnati who makes tons of money for what? I don’t think anybody really knows, but he continues to start as well. All the while a guy named Kellen Moore sits in Detroit probably calling the damn plays for Matthew Stafford and the Lions. I don’t even write this is a joke, I write this because I am tired of the joke you guys continue to play on everybody.

Seriously? What does a guy have to do in the NFL to get a job? I mean, beside the obvious domestic violence case? Maybe that is the problem? Kellen is a good guy who just does his job and doesn’t ask for attention. He is after all probably the most unassuming person  in the league. Then again, I know how that plays against him, just ask that tool from Bleacher Report “Matt Miller” about Kellen’s size and arm strength. Seriously, what is that guys problem anyway? Did he get rejected for an autograph or something? Back to the point though, seriously, what does Kellen have to do? He won 50 games in college, lost 3 (By a total of 5 points!)…That doesn’t matter you say? Ok… Well he won a Fiesta Bowl and got invited to New York for the Heisman ceremony… Still nothing I see, ok well this preseason his stat line was, 35-51 – 361 yards – 68% completions – 3 TD’s – 0 int’s – 108.4 rating. You see what I am getting at here? You guys are really starting to piss off Bronco Nation as you continue to ignore an obvious answer to your problems. No Kellen doesn’t have the arm of Jamarcus Russell (See what I did there), or the speed of Michael Vick (Once again really NFL), nor is he as tall as Peyton Manning (Ok, I will give you that one). Kellen is just the unassuming football genius who wins games and does it his own way.

Don’t take my word for it though? Ok, remember that list of Quarterbacks at the beginning of this letter I listed for you? Take Connor Shaw off the list then ask the rest of them about Kellen. Seriously go ahead, do it, you know why? Because they all have something in common, what is that you ask? They got their asses handed to them by…You guessed it, that little unassuming too slow, too weak, too short guy, who is in Detroit. Seriously NFL, get your crap together, this joke is old, we are not laughing, START KELLEN F’N MOORE!

Yours Angrily,

Bronco Nation


PS: If you still don’t get it, watch this damn highlight, tell me what MORE DO YOU WANT!?

Kellen Moore Career Highlights

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  1. Start him against the above .500 and save your starter, Stafford. Kellen would at least win 2/3rds of the time against above .500 teams.

  2. I think Kellen was actually hurt by being on the Lions active roster. If he had been on the practice squad someone would have signed hm this year.

  3. It kind of seems like Detroit knows how valuable he is in the film room. Too bad, because I believe he can be successful in the NFL. He would be a great story, and we all know at the very least, he deserves a chance.

    1. I think we all agree that Kellen having a job in the NFL is great – but there are may QB’s that have gotten playing time that are not as good. The point is that KM needs a shot to actually play.

  4. As great as he was in college, in order to play QB in the NFL Kellen would need to grow 4 inches taller and pack on 40+lbs of muscle. That isn’t going to happen. I think he will be a great head coach someday.

      1. There HAVE been a few exceptions. Hell Doug Flutie was a midget. I love Kellen. But truth is, the thing keeping him off the field is his short stature. And he can’t scramble like Brees. Today’s defenses would crush him. Kellen Moore was probably the best NCAA Quarterback ever. I doubt he’ll see much, if any, playing time in the NFL. If Stafford goes down, and Moore gets the chance to prove me wrong, great. But I am certainly not wagering on that happening.

        1. Really??? He can’t scramble? I have been watching Kellen since he was in High School..Not only can he scramble, but he can scramble , he can run , he can slide and he can dive or anything else to make those downs..just let him play, this guy cut his teeth on a football! He will surprise them all …he is a natural and has talent!!

          1. I share your sentiment. But he can NOT scramble like Brees. Sorry. Kellen’s size, and lack of speed, will likely keep him sidelined. It’s the reality of the situation.

          1. All those national titles boise won during his tenure do… oh wait none. Win all you want but until boise starts playing the big boys they will never be anything.

          2. I love how Duck and Vandal fans are the ones to diss on the guy. How many National Titles have you both won? Steve? How many times did the diminutive Boise State bitch-slap the vaunted Ducks and their overly arrogant fans? Steve? Your Ducks are one of the “Big Boys”, right? Steve?

          3. I never once said oregon had a national title. Boise also beat oregon whole oregon was rising play again and it would be a different story. Mariota is a great college qb but I wouldn’t even say to 50 for him.

          4. Not only his winning record, but his TD to INT ratio, are astronomically above most other NCAA QBs.
            Take a look at his stat sheet bro. AND go back through archival footage and WATCH him play at BSU.

          5. I did watch him play. Being an Oregon fan I saw him a couple times plus in bowl games. He’s a good college qb but not the best ever.

  5. I am a Denver Bronco fan, have been since the beginning of John Elway’s career in the early 80’s…. However, If Kellen Moore become the Detroit Lions QB, I would switch teams in a heart beat. Yes, I am a Boise State Fan, and love watching them play, But Kellen Moore opened their door wide when he played for them. The City of Detroit needs a comeback of support and if having a super winning NFL team promotes that goal, then let it happen. Kellen Moore is the man for the job!!

    1. I think every Bronco fan would find a way to root for whatever team Kellen played. I am a die-hard Cowboys fan, but if Kellen was in Washington, Philly, or New York, I would still find a way to root for him. He was and is just too important to this community.

  6. I like Kellen Moore as a person. He was an awesome college player. He is simply a likeable great college quarterback just like Tim Tebow who won more games than Kellon in college, won thw Heisman and won a national championship. But the type of player needef in the NFL neither fit that role. However both could play for half the teams in the NFL who have former great college QBs as well. They just get to start on bad teams.

  7. I find it interesting that many believe the NFL is loaded with scouts and coaches that have no capability to judge talent and ability when it is so obvious to the “nation” that any team’s QB woes could be solved by #11. NFL owners should fire their staffs and make room for all the Pee-Wee football gurus that make up “bronco nation”.

  8. If only the NFL had teams equivalent to teams in the Mountain West maybe he would have a shot. Be realistic here people. Sure he was a great QB in college and had stats to prove it (95% against sub par schools). NFL is the best of the best of players. Sure he was invited to NY for the Heisman, but I wouldn’t use that as a claim to fame. Only 2 Heisman winning QBs have won a playoff game in the NFL since 1972. NFL is sometimes the luck of the draw. I hope he gets a chance, but to look back at what he did in college and say he should be given a chance because of that is being naive.

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