This Week at the Diggity’s – Pre-Fiesta Version (It’s Spelled Like Noel But Sounds Like Nole)

We’re almost there!  There are only 4 or 5 days (depending on how you look at it) until the Fiesta Bowl. Hopefully, your Christmas was wonderful and you were distracted from the wait. I know I was; for a day.  And to distract you even more, enjoy this week’s column.

fiestaSo I had to work today (Sunday, December 21st). That means I didn’t watch any NFL football for the first time this season. I’ll make up for it with bowl games this week….We are going to have prime rib for Christmas and, in an effort to find a good one, the Mrs. found a place called Long’s Meat Market.  Are you serious with that name? That has to be on purpose….Went to pick up the Mrs at work and there was some crazy dude screaming so much she wouldn’t even come outside. Eugene is bat-poop crazy for reals….So my big mistake of the day was to go to Costco. It was a crazy mix of humanity. I don’t recommend doing anything like that during the holiday season. Shop online!…So, Kellen Moore is riding the bench in Detroit but Logan Thomas is going to start this weekend. It seems to me that there is a conspiracy against the best quarterback never to step on a regular season playing field. #FreeKellen….As a hip hop fan as far back as 1984, I have to say I know maybe 15 of the artists on Rolling Stones Top 40 Rap Albums of 2014. That’s disturbing to me. I’m starting to not be cool….On Christmas Eve, my job had me come in at 5 am. I wasn’t quite sure what they needed an hour and a half earlier. I figured it out though. They wanted me to want to leave earlier so much more than the previous 2 days….It’s weird to have Christmas away from our families and outside of the state of Idaho. I don’t think either of us have done that. The only time I did was when I was in the army….Shaquille O’Neal was a great basketball, he’s a decent studio analyst, and a not-so-good actor. With all those things, I still don’t think his name should be so prevalent. How many college football players are named “Shaquille”? Too many….I love seeing the little blips about the Broncos on Twitter & Instagram.  It makes me feel like I’m in Arizona with them. Maybe one day I’ll get the bowl experience (besides all the times I went to the Humanitarian/ Bowl).

I like all types of music and I kind of  wanted to be a bit different this week.  My favorite song of all time is the song of the week.

Have a great New Year’s Eve and day.  Be safe.  Enjoy the Fiesta Bowl.  Broncos love Fiestas!

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