Fiesta Bowl Legacy – In Photos

We are lucky as fans, we have seen 3 of the best Fiesta Bowls any fan base could hope for. Not to mention, we have won all 3 of them. Here are pictures from each game to relive these historic moments.

QB Fiesta Legacy
2007: Zabransky 2010: Moore 2014: Hedrick
Legacy RB Fiesta
2007: Johnson 2010: Martin 2014: Ajayi
WR Fiesta Legacy
2007: James 2010: Young 2014: Sperbeck
DB legacy Fiesta
2007: Tadman 2010: Thompson 2014: Deayon
Coach Fiesta Legacy
2007 & 2010: Petersen 2014: Harsin

Celebration Fiesta Legacy

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