This Week at the Diggity’s – Offseason Episode #2 (Go Broncos! x2)

So, we made it through the first little bit of the offseason. Do you know what made it better? We got a couple of “GO BRONCOS!” this week. If that doesn’t make you feel better, I’m not sure what will. Isn’t Bronco Football exciting again? It is for me. Enjoy the blabbering…

I don’t know if I hate the Patriots or Ravens more. Can I root for the referees? They did get the win Dallas last week, you know… I will never win a trip to the Super Bowl. It’s not that I’m not awesome. You all know that. I just don’t have a “trip-worthy” inspirational story. It’s just that simple… Tough losses for both the Men’s & Women’s basketball teams today. Wyoming has the men’s team’s number and A-A is a tough barn to play in. The women seem to be doing well. Just a slip up… Hey! We know Jacksonville drafted a punter before Seattle drafted Russell Wilson. Guess what? Wilson would be 1/2 dead by now if he went to J’ville. And a punter seemed to fit the Jags offensive scheme anyways… Alright. I’m pretty much done with the “love” McDonald’s commercials. You’re not here to make the world a better place. You’re here to feed junk food to fat people like me. Your fries are godly though… I don’t have a dog in the fight but I feel kind of sorry for Cowboys fans. That may have been a blown call. The big thing is deciding on what is or isn’t a catch. Can you work on that, competition committee?… Having Ving Rhames yell at me about Arby’s will not get me to go to Arby’s. He is the American Robin Leach with that voice… What this nation needs is…well I’m not sure. But what we don’t need is a SpongeBob movie… It’s amazing how many people are saying that they picked Ohio State to win this game with no credible evidence of doing so. I picked Oregon. They’re losing 21-10 at halftime… Meh. The Ducks could never pull it together and Urb added a touchdown in the final minute. The Buckeyes win the 1st College Football Playoff Championship Game, 42-20…


It’s good to see the Men’s Basketball team get the overtime win over UNLV. Starting 0-4 in conference play would have been disastrous. 1-3 is bad still… In other Bronco news, the football team finished the season ranked #16 in the Amway Coach’s Poll. Not bad for a team that started 3-2… In a recent Papa John’s commercial, Peyton Manning jokes that Joe Montana only shows up for the playoff special. But it’s true. Joe does show up during the playoffs. Peyton on the other hand… There is a show on Discovery called “Big Giant Swords”? Seriously? It can’t be all that interesting. It just can’t be… “School employees in Alabama were accused or convicted of sex crimes with students more frequently than in any other state on a per capita basis in 2014, according to records compiled by a former chief of staff of the U.S. Department of Education.” Just let that sink in… Call me crazy but I think Randy Johnson should go into the Hall of Fame as a Seattle Mariner and not as a Diamondback.

And, because it’s all we’ll have soon, the song of the week is…

Doesn’t Kurtis look surprised? EYES WIDE OPEN


At the time I’m writing this, Boise State Men’s Basketball is 12-6 and Women’s is 12-4. Take care everyone.  Enjoy your week and make every moment a Bronco Moment!

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