This Week at the Diggity’s – Offseason Episode 3 (I’m Off My Game, Too)

Another week, another fun time with the Diggitys. You know, that means it’s closer to National Letter of Intent day.  And that’s the next bit of Bronco Excitement so get ready for that. After that it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump until spring practice and the spring game.  Year two of the Harsin Era has me on the edge of my seat.

I know I’ve been a proponent for the College All-Star games as being “still college football” but I just wasn’t interested this time around. College football is over… Does the “Rainy Days/Back in Black” Chevy commercial have to be on during EVERY commercial break?… Can the Seahawks be any more lucky than they were in the NFC Championship? They may have to be against the Patriots. Super Bowl XLIX will be an amazing game (I hope)… Congratulations to Derrick Marks and Brooke Pahukoa for winning the MWC Player of the Week for both Men’s and Women’s  basketball. Our basketball teams were awesome last week… So, something new this week. I’m now an ordained minister. Our daughter, Kristen, asked me to do it so I can perform her wedding ceremony this summer. Get ready for the Bronco Nation version of Jim & Tammi Faye Bakker. You know, without the makeup, crying, and infidelity. Ok, Mrs. Diggity wants the makeup… President Obama visited Bronco Nation this week. I’m sorry I missed it. Presidents happen. The opportunity to see one speak in person may not… I’m irritated with this DeflateGate thing. Cheating is cheating and shouldn’t be tolerated. That being said, do you really think the PSI of the footballs could have helped out the Colts’ defense? 45 points is no joke… Partying hard can age you. Need proof? The members of Mötley Crüe look almost as old as the members of the Rolling Stones… Apparently, a man in Colorado has filed suit against the NFL for Dez Bryant’s non-catch against the Packers. He’s seeking $88+ BILLION for the emotional toll on The Cowboys and their fans. You should have filed this suit a long time ago if it’s about emotional distress… I mentioned to Mrs. Diggity that you could be called an award-winning songwriter if you wrote a song in 7th grade and won an award for it. She said I was weird for even thinking of it that way… Because I have a bitter taste in my mouth about buying the PPV of Tyson/Holyfield II, I’m glad that the UFC and Fox have some big names on occasionally.

The song of the week is simply just a song I like. I guess that’s what happens when you get to write the column.


I’m sorry that this was a day late. You know, I try my hardest. The offseason is tough on everyone.  Enjoy your week!

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