Outside Bronco Stadium (Near Future)

This Week at the Diggity’s – Season 2015 Episode 1 (It Has Begun!)

HAPPY (almost) FOOTBALL SEASON! In 3 short weeks, we’ll be enjoying a win over the Huskies and wishing that the next game will be here already.  After a seemingly endless off-season, fall camp is underway and season tickets have been sent out.  Once again, “This Week” will be coming from Eugene, Oregon because I still haven’t been able to convince the Mrs. to move back to Boise.  Sorry Coach! I won’t be one of the 37,000 in attendance this year.  On to the column…

I agree with Coach Pete that recruiting is tougher at Washington. You actually have to try there. We see Coach Harsin and staff busting their butts and the results have been phenomenal… Hold on Duck fans. Mariota was a great college football player but an all-time great? Tebow has one more ‘ship and the same number of Heismans… So, my birthday was on a Sunday this year. I woke up at 5:30 am. I didn’t have to work or anything. What was I up for?… Congrats to Bronco Troy Merritt for winning The National. You’ve made Bronco Nation proud. Every Bronco does… Monday mornings seem so quick to get back around after Friday after work… Why would anyone go on “America’s Got Talent” and argue with the judges? If you are that awesome, would you have to go on a TV talent show? You’re not that awesome, people… The Republican Debate was an interesting display of nut jobbery. I’m glad that most of my Twitter family isn’t going to vote that way. But if you do, that’s your deal. More power to you… Mrs. Diggity got into a Twitter fight with Kirstie Alley. That’s what happens when you get two people on different diets with different political views on a public forum. Supposedly, the Mrs. is a bully according to Ms. Alley’s followers. They came out in force to cyber-bully her into knowing she’s a cyber-bully… Oh, Aldon Smith. You messed again. I hope you learn a lesson THIS time. But you haven’t previously. So there’s that…. Wedding setups are so fun. And by fun I mean horrifying… Sleeping on a bed that’s not your own is never fun. Our bed was harder than Chinese math. I woke up approximately 4,000 times. Only 2 more nights left… Reception highlights – great brisket & chicken, daughter/step-dad dance that resulted in tears, delicious cake, & a certain someone who puked champagne into the fire pit (It was not me)… We spent today just chillin’ and eating leftovers. I wish we could relax a bit more. But, I need a vacation from my vacation… If it’s not one thing it’s another. Geno Smith got his jaw busted in the locker room. Same ol’ Jets! Bring back Tebow… Nothing says summer goodness more than s’mores.  Well, only one thing. Someone else making them is waaaay better… Apparently, Fresno State has a 150 foot blimp that they plan on flying over home and some away games. Don’t bring that to Alberston’s (BRONCO) Stadium. Some dude in hunter’s orange will bust a cap in it…

Outside Bronco Stadium (Near Future)
Outside Bronco Stadium (Near Future)


When the guy sings “Everybody Clap Your Hands” I do not clap my hands. You can’t tell me what to do, singing man. I clap my hands of my own accord…. In baseball news, and since I’m a San Diego Padres fan, Matt Kemp just hit for the cycle for the first time in team history. That’s big news for a team that joined the league in 1969… Apparently, Jeb Bush is selling a guacamole bowl on his website. Focusing on the fact that it’s weird that a politician would sell such a thing would be too easy. Let’s focus on the fact that it’s $75.00. It better make the guac by itself for that price. And to top it all off, it’s not even branded with the “Jeb!” logo. Highway robbery!..

What should we do for song of the week this week?  Should I go inspirational? Should we do something that hypes us up?  “Seven Nation Army” (never that)? How about we go to “0-100”?

Get ready!  Football 2015 should be a real fun ride.  So, strap yourself in and enjoy it.  See you next week!



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