This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Episode 2 (The Waiting….)

We only have two more weeks.  TWO.  And it’s a fortnight that will seem like forever just like this off-season has seemed. But, there’s the light at the end of the metaphoric tunnel.  That light is the University of Washington game.  We can’t wait! But we have to.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be rushing through Sunday to get stuff done because I’ll have been busy all Saturday watching college football. Today, I was just lazy… So first Darrell Hammond and now Norm MacDonald – Kentucky Fried Chicken is “plucking” Saturday Night Live alumni to play Harland Sanders. He’s dead. You can’t bring the Colonel back… Has anyone noticed that the mom in the Pizza Rolls commercial makes 6 Pizza Rolls for a whole group of people. Stop being so damn stingy mom! More Pizza Rolls Please! (This is by no means an endorsement of Pizza Rolls by Blue Turf Nation)… So, Stephen A. Smith thinks that Tiger Woods is embarrassing himself by playing golf. This coming from a guy who embarrasses himself whenever he opens his mouth? Puhleeeeeez… $56 Million in the first weekend for “Straight Outta Compton” plus a bunch of great reviews? You can’t ask for anything better for a gangsta rap biopic… Since we live here in Cheney, Washington Eugene, Oregon, we are getting to hear Vernon Adams’ name a lot. I Twitter-wondered, about EWUs red unis on their red field. I got a response…

EWU Response
EWU Response

After Amazon was taken down in a New York Times article about the treatment of employees, how wonderful is it that NBC Nightly News decided to look in to the story? You know, by interviewing ex-executives. Also known as the people who aren’t on the front lines.  Way to show the real workers, NBC… I’m so happy that Tracy Morgan will be hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live this Fall. A truly miraculous recovery… Hey, James Harrison! Do what you want with your kids. That’s cool.  I feel like younger kids need motivation to continue to participate. That’s why you give them gold stars for going pee-pee in the potty, right?… So, there’s a new “women’s Viagra” called Addyi. It kicks in after 28 days of use and you average 1 more sexually satisfying event  per month. Income equality now has competition (not seriously but, seriously?)… It’s unfortunate that Jared Fogle did the things he did but he wasn’t making sandwiches folks. Boycotting Subway for someone’s private acts (wrong as they are) is like boycotting the oceans because of sharks (Mrs. Diggity boycotts sharks, though)… Congratulations to Shane Williams-Rhodes on being named to the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award watch list for this year… Apparently, Paul Petrino is angry. Really angry. His target? The media it seems. Does he turn into a gold/silver/black Joe Vandal-Hulk hybrid?…

Brian Williams Reporting
Brian Williams Reporting

Dear Dezmyn Trent, Please learn from this and succeed in life. Thank you for your time here. Love Always, Bronco Nation… This whole thing with Sam Ukwuachu is getting way out of hand. Who cares what the coaches said? It’s not about that. It’s about a young man who did something very bad and it’s about the victims. He needs help. The victims need help. Coaches Pete and Briles don’t need any help… Finishing on a happy note – great job by the Boise Police/Boise State Football in providing an amazing experience to Officer Rashid. That’s how you improve a community.

Mrs. Diggity “Quote of the Week”: In reference to a certain picture and a Donald Trump haircut – “I wonder if you can Elvis your penis man parts?” The app in question had nothing to do with man parts.  Just putting Trump hair on pics.

The toughest thing about knowing football season is coming soon is waiting for that football season to start. So the song of the week is…

Have an amazing week! Stay positive. Spread kindness like confetti!

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