This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Episode 3 (One Week….)

We are less than one week away from the first opening game on the Blue since 2009 (Is this real life?). By the time I get to the Diggity’s next week, the Broncos will already be 1-0 having exorcised the demon that has haunted the team since December of 2013 – COACH PETE’S RETURN!  I won’t predict the score just yet. We have a column for that. Enjoy your last week without Boise State Football.

Coach Trump
Coach Trump

Addyi and #DickTrump started the week off with a bang. I’m glad that what I do gets people talking a little. Even if it is just a bunch of rubbish… Do not roll up on a Ducks practice if you have a camera crew. They call Eugene’s finest on you. And these days, I’m not sure anyone wants the police called on them…

Straight Outta....I'm Over It Now
Straight Outta….I’m Over It Now


Josh Duggar was one of the people who got outed for using the Ashley Madison website. Mrs. Diggity says, matter-of-factly, “He’s not having a very good year!” That may be a bit of an understatement… For some reason, I think the two antagonists from the DirecTV commercials, “Bad Comedian” Eli Manning and “Artsy-Craftsy” Tony Romo, would actually be friends in real life… Has it already been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina hit the southern U.S.? My goodness time goes by so quickly it seems. As an ex-NOLA resident with a brother and sister that lived through it, I’m still very attached to the Big Easy… Big Boise State news this weekend. Coach Harsin named Ryan Finley as the starting quarterback for the Washington game (duh). Also, the Broncos hit the preseason AP poll at number 23 (too low)… Oh Cris Carter. You and your crazy words for the kids. You and Ray Lewis preach so much but end up choking on the foot that you shove down your own throats. Pretty awesome role models… I hadn’t seen “Petite” Randy Moss yet. He’s my favorite DirecTV guy now… Mrs. Diggity has been tolerating me watching the Little League World Series for the past week or so. I enjoy watching the love of the game. I wish that more Major League players had the same enthusiasm… In Vandal news – kids steal from Vandal bookstore (remedial window falling books, probs), coach returns items, Vandals not punished. Life on the Palouse… Bad news about Orlando Scandrick. While we don’t like to see anyone hurt, we hate when a Bronco sees his season end prematurely. Best wishes for a speedy recovery… I don’t care what you say McDonald’s. Your buttermilk chicken sandwich won’t make chicken lovers switch to yours. How frozen is it before you cook it?… Cheese-n-Rice, 49ers! Have the worst offseason in the history of offseasons why don’t you? Ray McDonald and Ahmad Brooks both indicted on charges? What in Sam Hell is going on in the Bay?  You don’t have to out felony the Raiders… So I thought I’d try watching “The Carmichael Show” mainly because of David Alan Grier. It’s trash. I won’t watch again… I’m kind of tired of the whole Floyd Mayweather/Rhonda Rousey thing. I get it. Champions talk trash on occasion. But they’ll never fight each other so just shut up already… We lost an all-time great basketball personality this week with Daryl Dawkins. We’ll miss you Chocolate Thunder. Rims will not but we sure will…

No Caption Needed
No Caption Needed

“Blindspot” on NBC‘s main character is described as a “female Jason Bourne”. Is that the Matt Damon version or the Jeremy Renner version? There’s a difference, you know… It’s official – “Dancing With the Stars” has put the Whip/Nae Nae craze to death. Aaron Carter? Victor Espinoza? I’m glad you think you are cool enough to do such things but if the Diggity’s don’t do it, you shouldn’t either.  Just say this to yourself – “WWtDD – What Would the Diggitys do?” Not the Whip or the Nae Nae! BYE FELICIA!

I had an idea for the song of the week about one week ago.  Although the lyrics don’t jive up with the situation the title does…

Remember, on Fridays, we wear blue and orange.  So enjoy your week, get that gear ready, and GO BRONCOS!

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