BTN Predictions: Week 2 vs. BYU

Predictions-LogoDerek  –  Now that we have one game under our belts we have a better idea of what we have with the 2015 Broncos.  Wait…no we don’t.  We still know that we could have a dominant defense, a question mark at QB, and a bunch of running backs that might make a difference.  Actually, come to think of it, we might be worse off, as special teams were not a concern entering the game against UW, but now they are. Crap.  The good thing is that despite a ho-hum performance by everyone except or D (do they need a nickname yet? #Blunami) we came away with a W and can now focus on our friends the team to the south.  The Cougs are coming off a questionable performance themselves, but thanks to a miracle ending, BYU seems to being riding high coming in to the game.  So what is going to happen?  I think the emotion of the game will get BYU off to a quick start, but once that wears down, Boise State will start to pull away.  The bottom line is BYU is playing without their star nose-tackle, their star QB, and their starting middle linebacker.  There is a big fat line of weakness right down the middle of their depth chart, and with our dominate defense, and a #McWeapon on offense I don’t think the final score will be as close as many are expecting.  Boise State 37 BYU 17

Tami – I agree with Derek that we don’t really know what to expect really out of either team. BYU is in the middle of one of those bittersweet emotional highs that can really mess with people. Their star went down, but another has risen in his place. They beat a pretty good team in Nebraska…but probably not *that* good. Boise’s D is legit, and BYU’s WR’s are big and fast. It’s a draw. The whole thing. I’m counting on Finley going airborne in this one to exploit all facets of the BYU weakness, and who knows if it will be enough. The difference is going to be special teams, the Broncos ability to steal momentum in a hostile environment, and execution. That means Boise wins every time. Boise State 31 BYU 28

Noel – I’m not even close to wavering on this.  The Boise State Defense is unlike any defense that Tanner Mangum has ever experienced. Coach Yates will try to confuse and pressure the “Chosen One” until the game is no longer in question. If the Broncos have any semblance of offense, it will be over by halftime.  I expect at least one defensive score for the good guys and the McWeapon will go for 150.  Broncos 38, Cougars 20

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