This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Episode 5 (The Ryan Lindley Era…)

It’s our rivalry game.  No. Not the future-Big Sky team up north.  Our friends in Provo – the Cougars. Two years ago, our Broncos lost there. This year, I don’t see that happening as long as the offense does its part. Coach Harsin has the team dressed in all black this week.  Are you ready for funeral potatoes?

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“The Sun Belt’s not an easy conference…”. A commercial I saw today. You have Idaho in your conference. Your argument is invalid… Holy crap! What a game! Such an amazing defensive performance. The Broncos need to shore up the special teams. They also need to work on play calling and quarterback play. Great win though – a win is a win. Boise State 16, Washington 13… The fan reaction to the game was crazy. I was frustrated by the play calling. Other fans were already chirping for a quarterback change. After sleeping on it, we’re just happy for the win. On to BYU!… Speaking of BYU, here’s some thoughts – Taysom Hill is still pretty awesome, they play dirty, and their defense isn’t all that great. Sorry to hear that Taysom is done for the year though. His body just doesn’t want to hold up… The biggest news in the past week is that McDonald’s will be offering some breakfast items all day. You can have sausage burps any time now… Kellen Moore got waived by the Detroit Lions only to be picked up by the Dallas Cowboys. He’s going to smarten up that Romo kid if it takes him forever to do it… The first weekend was full of football. Here are the games I watched some of (or all of): North Carolina/South Carolina, Michigan/Utah, TCU/Minnesota, Ohio/Idaho, UTSA/Arizona, Charlotte/Georgia State, Baylor/SMU, Weber State/Oregon State, Washington/Boise State, Tennessee-Martin/Ole Miss, Louisiana-Monroe/Georgia, Wofford/Clemson, Stanford/Northwestern, Maine/Boston College, BYU/Nebraska, Old Dominion/Eastern Michigan, Arizona State/Texas A&M, Eastern Washington/Oregon, Texas/Notre Dame, Arkansas State/USC, Penn State/Temple, Arkansas-Pine Bluff/South Carolina State, and Ohio State/Virginia Tech… Boise State moved up to No. 22 (from No. 24) in the USA Today Coaches Poll and to No. 20 (from No. 23) in the AP PollHey! How thick is your Bronco Blood? Who’s going to be the first to get their Boise State fake eye?… If you’re at all aware of current events, then you’re aware of who Kim Davis is. When she was released this week, they had this big old hubbub and included “Eye of the Tiger” as the walk-out song. The group that made the song, Survivor, came out of obscurity to drop a lawsuit on Kim and her cronies for using their song without permission. They’ve got $1.2 Million reasons why you don’t get to be a bigot… Congrats to our guy Shane Williams-Rhodes on being a candidate for the 2015 Senior CLASS Award 


Is it me or does every starting quarterback in the state of Utah have a problem staying healthy.  Keep your heads on a swivel, Southern Utah and Weber State QBs.

Mrs. Diggity quote of the week: “I watch A LOT of football.” – talking to her daughter on the phone.

Of all the things that I’ve learned this week, this is what strikes me as the funniest thing.  And it just happened today. Remember, you don’t have to know the players’ names to get beat by them.  Go Team Lindley.

Have a great week, Bronco Nation.  Idaho State comes to town.  Spread kindness like confetti!

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