Attack The Opponent: Idaho State Bengals

Chaos reigns.

There was a football game last Saturday night with a crazy ending between two teams I can’t quite remember right now. Arkansas lost to Toledo. Auburn nearly lost to Jacksonville State. Notre Dame almost lost to Virginia after looking amazing vs. Texas last week. Washington State lost to Portland State last week as well. No game is safe, FCS, G5, P5 – doesn’t matter.

I can’t claim to know a ton about the Bengals. For as long as I can really remember, they’ve been an occasional tasty orange cupcake. However, these teams have played 30 times over the years – most of them prior to Boise State moving up to FBS. Boise State overwhelmingly owns the series, but ISU has won 6 times in the history of the matchup. The only person currently with the program who would remember that is Coach Pitt, way back in the long long ago known as 1994. The year when the Lion King came out, and this year’s crop of new drinkers were born. (Feel old yet, Gen X’rs?)


Just kidding, Pocatello is a beautiful city. Okay its a city. Well, a town. And the wind is a bit of a pain in the youknowhat. But other than that…

Here’s the rest of what I know about Idaho State:

They’re coached by former Montana State HC and noted straight talker Mike Kramer. He’s equally blunt and hilarious in interviews, and rumor has it, the rest of the time as well.

The Bengals have improved greatly over the last few seasons, and last year went 8-4.

There’s another Mangum kid in our future- Madison this time, who is Tanner’s older brother and made this catch two weeks ago:


The Bengals play in Holt Arena, which if the above gif is any indication, doubles as a storage unit.

Coach Yates once worked at Montana State for Coach Kramer.

ISU is home to the premier Bigfoot researcher in the country, who, just like everyone else who could have credibility by providing proof, has yet to find Sasquatch.

ISU is also home to the first professor to manage to shoot themselves with their newly legalized on campus weaponry, and a prof that doubles as a mighty trophy huntress who recently found herself amid some controversy.

….yep, that’s about it.

ISU is a threat. Just like every other team. They’re capable of putting up points in a hurry, but should be dominated along the lines. Boise State is capable of winning this game in the brutal fashion that ISU usually suffers, but that thing that happened on Saturday hopefully hasn’t disheartened the Broncos. (I am still refusing to discuss it.)

I think Finley will gain a lot of confidence in this game, because the OL should be able to hold him a pocket long enough to establish a rhythm. ISU should be outclassed on defense and special teams as well. But remember, the chaos monster is loose on the CFB world.


Not you Butters Professor Chaos.

Boise State should be ready to take out some frustration this weekend. Goals should be getting a win, establishing the offense complete with pass blocking and creative play calling, and not looking ahead to Virginia. The season is only yet beginning, and there is a long way to go before this thing is finished. It’s still good to bleed blue.

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