Adventures in Tailgating: Bronco Feedbag – Idaho State Bengals


Two teams from Idaho playing each other?  You know what that means, right?  POTATOES!  If there is one thing this great state is known for other than our famous Blue Turf™ it has to be potatoes!  Any one outside of our wonderful boot-shaped state automatically assumes we all grew up on potato farms and eat potatoes for all three meals.   For anyone who has never been here the assumption is this is one great huge potato field.  Well, we may as well live up to those stereotypes and do something potato-ish for our tailgate party!


With a Friday game and an earlier start time (!) we need something we can prepare easily and have ready to tailgate with.  If you are like me you have to work Friday so you might want to spend less tailgate time grilling and more time socializing drinking.

First of all figure out how many people you want to serve (or how many potatoes you can fit in your crock pot) and get that many Idaho Bakers.  Stab the potatoes with a fork about four times per “side”.  rub those tubers with some olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt, and then wrap each one in foil.  If you are going to be working a full day before heading down to the tailgate spot you can cook them on low for about eight hours.  If you or a helper will be at home, four hours on high should do the trick.  Potatoes are done when the skin starts to pull away from the potato a little and they are slightly mushy.

Now, you need toppings.  You know more than I do what you like on your potatoes, but the standards always work – butter. sour cream, shredded cheese, bacon, green onions.  If you want a little extra heartburn heat up some Nally’s chili without beans and throw that on there.  Some pickled jalapenos won’t hurt either.

There you go!  Nice easy Idaho themed tailgate menu for an earlier Friday game.


High_LakesOf course we need an Idaho beer this week.  So many great options to choose from, but I LOVE this beer from Sockeye Brewing here in Boise.  If you are an IPA lover like me this beer has all the hoppy, citrusy wonderfulness of a great IPA, but at 4% ABV you can still drink a dozen or so without your evening ending by being chased by MAV security across the Blue™ wearing only  tighty whities and Benny The Bengal’s head.  Of course if you DO want your night to end like that…..


fireballOnce again we will refer to Business Insider to find out what is most popular in Idaho, and according to them it is a tie between Fireball, Jagermeister, and Captain Morgan. Jager and Captain were both trendy when I was going to Boise State, but we don’t want to go all Uncle Rico and live in the past, so let’s go with what the kids are drinking now, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.  Want to keep it simple?  Fireball is a pretty easy shot to do.  Want to get fancy?  Well, after last week’s game I can’t think of a better named drink than Angry Balls (I am sure Chanceller James would agree).  To make an Angry Balls, get yourself a cup of ice, pour in a shot of Fireball, and top off with some Angry Orchard.  Simple as that!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to hit me up on Twitter @Keleka24.

Happy Tailgating!

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