BTN Predictions: Week 3 vs. Idaho State


Derek – We are two weeks in with predictions, and although I am 1-1 I have been way off both weeks.  The optimist in me is always thinking our team will be in #BEATEMDOWN mode, yet so far we have not even been close.  That changes this week.  Not only are we matching up against a FCS team, but we are facing them coming from a loss when our guys are going to be even more motivated.  Had we beat BYU I think this game would have been closer, but now, it is going to get ugly.  A lot of teams have close calls with FCS programs (we have had our own) but this won’t be one of them.  Everything clicks, we score in all three phases of the game, and next week will be much happier than this one has been.

Boise State 56 Idaho State 13

Heath–  Pretty simple here, Boise State will be angry, focused, & on “The Blue”.  So what do I predict?



Boise State wins this game easily, and people will feel confident moving towards Virginia (we can talk about this later). But final score is,  Boise State 49  Idaho State 17.

Tami – No idea what to expect out of Boise State, and ISU could be sneaky better than most expect. It just doesn’t feel like it’s going to be close. As much as I would like to see ISU put up a fight, I think the penalties will be cleaned up, the offense will look like worldbeaters, and we will know just as much about the Broncos as we did at the end of last week. Boise State 52, Idaho State 24

Noel – I have no idea what is going to happen so I have to just straight guess. Because the Broncos are now a high-level program, I can expect what used to happen to Boise State back in the early days of the 1-A football on the Blue….a total butt-whoopin’ but this time on the side of the good guys.  Boise’s depth chart wins in the second half.  Defense scores twice.  Boise State 59, Idaho State 20.

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