Attack The Opponent: Virginia Cavaliers

UVA is an interesting team. Keep in mind, this is based on data from three games. Not a huge sample size, but a wildly varying one. Virginia has lost in close games to two ranked teams (UCLA and The Rosen One, and cautiously decent Notre Dame) and notched a close victory over FCS William and Mary. The narrative on the Hoos has been a stout defense and a misfiring offense. However, they’ve allowed serious yardage in all three games, haven’t managed to cause a turnover…and still played all three teams closely.

Oh no. UVA is one of those teams that plays to their competition. Whether its a middling FCS team or the #7 team in the country. Boise State is currently a team trying to minimize turmoil and distraction after the worst kind of those things – a rather brutal injury to Ryan Finley triggering a QB controversy.



I believe that the UVA game is going to come down to three things – what happens at quarterback for Boise, whether UVA is better than their stats say on defense, and confidence. Virginia’s fanbase is almost as jaded as the Vandals, except they actually care about tradition and pride enough to actually try.

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They also have a well dressed mascot and great taste in rides. Plus, swords!

The Broncos coaches aren’t going to name a starter at QB any time soon. They plan to utilize both Brett Rypien and Tommy Stuart’s unique skillsets. This sounds perfectly sensible and logical, and utterly terrifying. There is much reason for hope just gauging by the feel of the game when TFF and Ryp played vs. Idaho State, but there are no guarantees. This is an opponent that came within a touchdown of a strong-looking ND. Not exactly the Bengals. Boise’s strength on D is going to surprise Virginia, but they tend to respond well to challenges and at least give opponents a scare. Taking a true frosh and a JC transfer who have a combined 0 starts into a politely hostile-ish environment. (This is going to be like bizzaro world for Bronco fans – lots of old money donors and students dressed in blue and orange dress shirts and ties or dresses. Wine tailgates, hillside seating – another of these meetings between Old Money and The Future that tend to end well for the team who wants it more.) Will it be the record-shattering freshman leading the experienced Broncos to 3-1? Or the team that should have a better record than they do and would like nothing more to do what most of their other P5 compatriots haven’t managed recently – knock off Boise State.

It’s difficult to find any hate toward the Hoos. They won’t be dirty like BYU and this won’t be as emotional as UW. We share colors, the whole horse mascot thing, and not a whole lot else. The ACC isn’t exactly the SEC but it would be nice to get the next win against a true P5 team. Lets just hope for no injuries and a game that is fun to watch, because nobody really has an idea what we will see from either team until the game is played.

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