BTN Predictions: Week 4 vs. Virginia


Derek – For the fourth week in a row we are going into our game not knowing exactly what to expect from our team.  With Ryan Finley going down with an ankle injury, we saw glimpses of what Brett Rypien and Thomas Stuart could do, but how will this translate to an opponent like Virginia?  Virginia is also tough to gauge with two close losses to quality teams and a close win over a team they should have beat handily.  Although I expect both quarterbacks to play and be serviceable, I don’t think they will dominate and this game will come down to defense.  The D holds late and Tyler Rausa kicks the game winner as time expires.  Boise State 24 Virgina 21

Noel – Does anyone really know what’s going to happen? This week, it’s 52-card pick up. Toss ’em in the air and hope we come up all Aces. I’m not horribly worried about the trip, or the grass field (no UConn repeats, please), but I am worried about two things: our quarterback situation and Virginia’s bipolar team. Our QBs are noobs and have never played an away game in such a hostile environment. Virginia has shown the nation absolutely nothing and are as consistent as Michael J. Fox running a telegraph. I’ll have to steal Derek’s idea and leave it up to the defense. Besides a few broken pocket down field heaves, they’ve been pretty darn good. I’ll also take our coaching staff over UVAs. The good guys win: Broncos 28 Cavaliers 17

Tami – The data doesn’t lead anywhere. Neither does the eyeball test for either of these teams. This game is an enigma playing a question mark. But what would the best case scenario be? I’m feeling lucky.

It’s possible Derek has it right with this tweet.

Hars/Drink troll us all by calling some crazy formation and putting both Rypien and Stuart on the field together for the first play. Stuart then finishes out the first quarter with points on the board and a pile of yards. The defense is opportunistic and hard-hitting and immediately takes both Virginia’s offense and crowd out of it in that old school, soul sucking Bronco way. Ryp comes in for the second quarter, the skies clear, angels descend with his white helmet and crown him…

Whoa. Too excited, sorry. This isn’t after all.

The offensive line has gelled, and do a great job protecting Ryp and he goes off. Virginia just can’t keep up and #BoiseStateTwitter loses their minds even more than usual. Comparisons to a certain lefty that IS GETTING TO DRESS FOR DALLAS ON SUNDAY fly fast and furious. Boise State, in that way they will, allows Virginia to get uncomfortably close at the end but still end up winning by 2 TD’s on a late punt return. Boise State – 42, Virginia – 28


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